Newly founded pro-government BJK fan group attacks other fans, provokes stadium riots… #CarsininYanindayiz

Istanbul derby game suspended after supporters invade the field

Hundreds of Beşiktaş supporters invaded the field during the derby game against Galatasaray
An in-depth from the field observation in Turkish here.

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Interestingly, Turkish police sheepy here…

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Another one…

It is now highly believed that – according to eye witnesses and friends from Çarşı, who stays at the top seats of the stadium, from which it is quite hard to access the pitch.  This seems to be a fabricated riot in order to increase law and order measures against growing social unrest. Çarşı is one of the components that represent this unrest…

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Emre KIZILKAYA @ekizilkaya

Pro-#occupygezi Besiktas fans of Carsi were sitting up there & pro-gov’t 1453 down here. Which one invaded the field?

Istanbul derby game suspended after supporters invade field

Sixty-eight people, 12 of whom were children, were detained last night at a Beşiktaş-Galatasaray game after invading the field


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