Americana roundup: “Obama’s counterterrorism policy, by the numbers

Obama’s counterterrorism policy, by the numbers

According to the New York Times, President Barack Obama will use his big counterterrorism speech on Thursday to sharply curtail the administration’s targeted killings. Going forward, the strict criteria used for approving strikes on American citizens abroad will govern drone strikes on all suspected militants.


Republicans to make Obama pay for scandals

With the Obama administration fighting scandal on three fronts, Republicans smell blood.

US Energy: the New Reality

Source: Chatham House Summary Points: The trend of rising US dependence on imports of foreign oil and natural gas has been abruptly reversed, as a result of falling domestic demand for oil and increasing domestic supplies. This trend is likely to continue until at least 2020. There are significant transitional

America’s turn: new wars, special forces

A shift in the United States‘s military strategy in the direction of “remote control” involves greater reliance not just on armed-drones but on special forces.

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