Journalism agenda: “How Are Journalists Using Social Media? (Report)

How Are Journalists Using Social Media? (Report)

Social media has grown from friend communication service to all-encompassing digital life tool. During this digital evolution, journalists who were early adopters and used social sites for both gathering information and broadcasting content have become a core part of many platforms. A white paper from Cision, a provider of media management solutions, examines how journalists are using social media in 2016.

Cision categorized U.S. journalists into five archetypes:

Though I’ve published more than 2,500 articles on The Next Web, this is the first oneI’ve written about something that’s mine. A couple of months ago, a change in strategy meant venturing into the world of freelance work as an editor, tech journalist and media consultant to startups that don’t know where to start with approaching the media. What I quickly realized is that not having a full-time job meant I could start my own side projects that in turn gives me the opportunity to become a better tech journalist and editor. It also gives me the ability to truly live the…

‘Shared Media’ Is the Future And Will Disrupt Media Buying As We Know It

“Shared media” is outperforming traditional digital advertising by 10 times. So what exactly is shared media, and why is it so successful?

In traditional media buying, the advertiser buys audience exposure from a publisher, broadcaster or ad network. The publisher or ad network shows the ad to its audience and is paid by the advertiser according to the number of people reached.

Native advertising: Another false messiah?

I’ve been waiting for this: the leak in the native advertising balloon.

Tablets were going to save the news business. Not so much. Paywalls were our salvation, damnit. Nope. Native advertising is our future. Think again.

Digiday reports on the latest problem with the native advertising strategy:

Digital ad sales intelligence platform MediaRadar said the average renewal rate for sponsor content this year is 21 percent. Meanwhile, native ad tech company Polar recently described renewal rates as “weak,” with 40 percent of the publishers it surveyed showing renewal rates below 50 percent.

Native advertising isn’t going to cure all our problems because:

By now you’ll have heard that after 14 years, will publish no more. Univision, the new owner of’s sibling sites, likely decided it didn’t want to deal with the Gawker Media flagship’s baggage. Gawker’s writers are being folded into other sites like Deadspin, Gizmodo, and Jezebel, or into other parts of Univision (though there’s no guarantee many of them will want to stay).

Josh Laurito offers a fascinating look at the internals of a top-flight blog. Gawker, bankrupted by the Hulk Hogan lawsuit verdict and having sold off all its blogs (except itself) to Univision, is to cease publication this week.

How to source user-generated content legally with Lobster

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