#Cyberculture agenda: “Apple vs. Google company structure, as seen through patents…

Apple vs. Google company structure, as seen through patents FlowingData » Visualization by Nathan Yau For Co.Design, Periscopic compared patent ownership between Apple and Google, which ends up providing a good idea of company structure. Medical Devices Are the Next Security Nightmare Wired Top Stories by Lily Hay Newman More internet-connected medical devices flood into healthcare industry … Read more

Journalism agenda: “How Are Journalists Using Social Media? (Report)

How Are Journalists Using Social Media? (Report)  All Facebook by Kimberlee Morrison Social media has grown from friend communication service to all-encompassing digital life tool. During this digital evolution, journalists who were early adopters and used social sites for both gathering information and broadcasting content have become a core part of many platforms. A white paper … Read more

Journalism agenda: John Oliver and newsonomics

John Oliver has given us the best defense of newspapers ever  washingtonpost.com – Op-Ed Columns by Kathleen Parker News is a bizarre kind of food chain whose most important members are at the bottom. Newsonomics: After John Oliver, the you-get-what-you-pay-for imperative has never been clearer  Nieman Journalism Lab by Ken Doctor Can John Oliver’s 19 minutes rivet … Read more

Funny: “Turkey among initiators of significant UN resolution on Internet and human rights… Cyberculture agenda…

Turkey among initiators of significant UN resolution on Internet and human rights Turkey was one of the joint initiators of a significant resolution on “the promotion, protection and enjoyment of human rights on the Internet” which was adopted at the U.N. Human Rights Council (HRC) on July 1. BitTorrent Protocol Turns 15 Years Old Today TorrentFreak “My … Read more

Journalism agenda: “The Data-Driven Future Of Journalism…

The Economist’s Tom Standage on digital strategy and the limits of a model based on advertising  Nieman Journalism Lab by Joseph Lichterman LONDON — The past few months have been full of change at The Economist. In January, Zanny Minton Beddoes was appointed the magazine’s new editor after her predecessor, John Micklethwait, left for Bloomberg. In … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: New version of SecureDrop… Transparency in the Tech Industry

New version of SecureDrop, open-source whistleblower submission system originally created by Aaron Swartz Boing Boing by Trevor Timm At Freedom of the Press Foundation, we’re excited to announce the release of a brand new version of SecureDrop, our open source whistleblower system which media organizations can use to communicate and receive documents from sources. Facebook has open sourced … Read more

INFOGRAPHIC: “How Are Journalists Using Social Media?” and a Journalism roundup:

Here is the link: How Are Journalists Using Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC] What does Facebook’s new tool for fighting fake news mean for real publishers? Nieman Journalism Lab by Caroline O’Donovan Facebook announced yet another tweak to the algorithm that governs its users’ News Feeds yesterday. The social network has introduced a new tool that allows users to … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: Wikipedia is 13, “Shows the Value of a Vibrant Public Domain

Wikipedia Shows the Value of a Vibrant Public Domain In the week leading up the two-year anniversary of the SOPA blackout protests, EFF and others are talking about key principles that should guide copyright policy. Every day, we’ll take on a different piece, exploring what?s at stake and and what we need to do to … Read more

Cyberculture agenda- U.S. Tech Companies and NSA Spying, 5 Growing Gaming Genres in Facebook Ecosystem…

  State surveillance of personal data is theft, say world’s leading authors theguardian.com ? Matthew Taylor ? 12/9/13 5:00 PM ? More than 500 of the world’s leading authors, including five Nobel prize winners, have condemned the scale of state surveillance revealed by the whistleblower Edward Snowden and warned that spy agencies are undermining democracy … Read more

Ahmet Sabancı: PRISM: Nedir, Neden Önemli, Neler Olacak?

PRISM: Nedir, Neden Önemli, Neler Olacak?   Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning ve Wikileaks ekibinden sonra son yılların en büyük ve önemli sızıntılarından birisini gerçekleştirdi. Aslında sızdırdığı belgeler yeni bir şeyi ortaya çıkartmadı. Herkesin tahmin ettiği ve üzerine komplolar ürettiği bir konuda gerçekten neler olup bittiğini bize kanıtlarla gösterdi. Bir anlamda efsanenin gerçek olduğunu gösterdi.   … Read more

Wikileaks resources…and more… EFF to Council of Europe: Ensure privacy, transparency, and freedom of expression in search engines….

Wikileaks Resources Wikileaks Resources 1. Wikileaks Events Calendar 2. Wikileaks Petitions 3. Support Wikileaks 4. Main Wikileaks Resources 5. Cablegate Resources 6. War Leaks 7. Frequent Falsehoods 8. Twitter Archive 9. Press Archive 10. Video Archive . . . Wikileaks Events Calendar (may take a minute to load) Please note, some events may be duplicated. … Read more

not all happy with AOL-HuffPost merger…

To the list below, you can also add Erkan’s Field Diary. Anyone to contribute? 🙂 Dear jammers, creatives, revolutionaries, #HUFFPUFF has touched a nerve. Now, a firestorm is developing as writers, readers and publishers of indie media are rallying to huff and puff Arianna’s AOL merger into the ground. Media activists, this is our chance … Read more