2346 academicians fired last night…

Turkey Official Gazette published names of people who were fired. https://t.co/INbhZbBwKq Needless to say, huge interest, very slow download — Seref Isler (@seref_i) September 1, 2016 With a new state of emergency decree, 2346 academicians have been sacked and removed from public service in Turkey. https://t.co/FchZTjHoPc — Yaman Akdeniz (@cyberrights) September 2, 2016   Using … Read more

Journalism agenda: “How to find breaking news on Twitter…”How can journalists use Whatsapp for newsgathering

How to find breaking news on Twitter firstdraftnews.com by Alastair Reid By its very nature, breaking news happens unexpectedly. Simply waiting for something to start trending on Twitter is not an option for journalists – you’ll have to actively seek it out. The most important rule is to switch perspectives with the eyewitness and ask yourself, “What would I … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: “The Snowden Treaty

The US’s Campaign Against Encryption Is Based on Blind Faith in Silicon Valley Stanford Center for Internet and Society by Center for Internet and Society Date published: September 22, 2015 “”The unanimous conclusion—the scientific consensus—in industry, in academia, and even among government experts is that there is a significant security risk associated with facilitating government access … Read more

Literati roundup: “10 gadgets for the bookworm…”The 75 best-edited movies of all time…

10 gadgets for the bookworm in your life Mashable! by Elisha Hartwig   Everyone knows one of them. They always have their nose stuck in a book, they don’t go anywhere without one and they are perennially asking you if you’ve read the book version of that movie that just came out. Bookworms. Book lovers. Bibliophiles … Read more

Journalism roundup: “Social Journalism on the Rise

Social Journalism on the Rise The way we get our news and how news is reported has changed drastically in the past decade, and with social media comes a rise of social journalism that is once again evolving the current state and future impact of journalism. What does it mean to run “product” in a news organization? … Read more

Our colleague Ahmet Şık receives 2013 International Press Freedom Award…

Ahmet Şık is a freelance journalist and photographer living and working in Turkey. He has worked at several publications, includingCumhuriyet, Evrensel, Yeni Yüzyıl and Radikal. He was forced to turn to freelance journalism after facing retribution from his former employer for an investigative article that he published. Ahmet Şık is the recipient of a 2013 … Read more

New Archive of 800,000 Pages Documenting the Media History; Future of Libraries; Piracy and Book Industry…

New Archive Makes Available 800,000 Pages Documenting the History of Film, Television & Radio Click images for larger versions Film buffs and scholars have a new cache at their fingertips. The Media History Digital Library has made hundreds of thousands of pages of film and broadcasting history available in a searchable digital archive they?ve called … Read more

A literati roundup: Noam Chomsky to Postmoderns: Over-Inflated ?Polysyllabic Truisms?…

Noam Chomsky Calls Postmodern Critiques of Science Over-Inflated ?Polysyllabic Truisms? To the delight and satisfaction of hundreds of our readers, we recently featured an interview in which Noam Chomsky slams postmodernist intellectuals like Slavoj Zizek and Jacques Lacan as ?charlatans? and posers. The turn against postmodernism has been long in coming, a backlash the political … Read more

Most buzzed universities on the Internet and an academic roundup… Occupy movement, Publishing industry and more..

25 Most-Buzzed Universities on the Internet from Mashable! by Zoe Fox The complete ranking of the top 25 are listed below. 1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2. Harvard University 3. University of Chicago 4. Columbia University 5. University of Wisconsin ? Madison 6. Cornell University 7. University of California ? Los Angeles 8. Stanford University … Read more

Speaking of privacy, Murdoch’s daily shows old media is not better than new media… A cyberculture roundup…

Advertisers Announce Boycott of UK Tabloid on Twitter by Todd Wasserman MAIN FOCUS: Hacking scandal compromises Murdoch | 08/07/2011 from euro|topics Rupert Murdoch’s US-based concern News Corp on Thursday announced the closure of the British tabloid News of the World. Journalists on the newspaper have been accused among other things of hacking into the telephones … Read more

for the record, “Naipaul cancels Istanbul travel plans following reaction

Naipaul cancels Istanbul travel plans following reaction from Hurriyet Dailynews VS Naipaul, the winner of a Nobel Prize for Literature, has chosen to abandon his trip to Istanbul for a writers? conference following a storm of controversy over his past comments on Islam. But the writer who first started the debate, Hilmi Yavuz, says, ?The … Read more

“A Primer on Creative Commons

A Primer on Creative Commons – The Web’s Most Prominent Content Licensing System from Freelance Writing Jobs by Jonathan Bailey Unless you haven?t been paying attention, you?ve probably at least heard of Creative Commons or seen its licenses around on various sites. However, there?s a great deal of misunderstanding regarding what Creative Commons Licenses actually … Read more

A video: The Future of Publishing

This video was prepared by the UK branch of Dorling Kindersley Books. Originally meant solely for a DK sales conference, the video was such a hit internally that it is now being shared externally. We hope you enjoy it (and make sure you watch it up to at least the halfway point, there’s a surprise!). … Read more