Eurosphere agenda: “EU’s Galileo satellite system goes live after 17 years

EU’s Galileo satellite system goes live after 17 years  BBC News | Europe | World Edition   Europe launches its long-delayed Galileo satellite system, aiming to be the world’s most accurate. Romania: a social democratic anomaly in eastern Europe? open Democracy News Analysis – by Cornel Ban   Romania should be the ideal playground for right-populist parties, … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Merkel’s new government…EU hit with S&P downgrade…

MAIN FOCUS: Next pillar of banking union standing | 19/12/2013 The EU finance ministers agreed on a system for dealing with failing banks on Wednesday. Europe‘s financial institutes are to start building up a joint fund so that in future the owners and investors are the first to pay for bank bailouts. Europe is gradually … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: anti-Nazi protest turns violent in Athens; Record public debt in France; Reding slams France for using Roma as election scapegoats

Athens anti-Nazi protest turns violent   Greek police fired tear gas at anti-fascist protesters who hurled petrol bombs and stones near the Athens headquarters of Golden Dawn on Wednesday (25 September) following the killing of an anti-racism rapper by a supporter of the far-right party.   Thousands of Greeks marched towards the party’s offices earlier on … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: Germany Elections aftermath… Police chiefs quit in Greece shake-up after Neo-Nazi murder…

Germany’s path towards new government fraught with dilemmas After losing out on her preferred coalition partners, Germany’s newly re-elected chancellor, Angela Merkel, faces a number of hurdles in securing a power-sharing deal with rival left-leaning parties. While Merkel and her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) won a resounding victory in Germany?s general elections on Sunday (22 … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: “Who says Germen election is dull?

Germany’s anti-euro party mobilises non-voters and FDP supporters Three days ahead of the German election, Germany’s anti-euro party, Alternative für Deutschland is polling at 5%, according to the latest INSA Poll. Who says the German election is dull? Barbie, Mutti Merkel and a monstrous personality cult: a campaign diary ahead of the 22 September German election. Germany: on … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: NSU trial… anti-Semitism in Hungary and more…

  NSU trial a litmus test for German stance on Neo-nazi groups: Turkish EU Minister Turkey’s EU Minister Egemen Bağış has indicated that the National Socialist Underground trial could be used to exculpate the neo-Nazi image haunting Germany.   Trial Begins for a Neo-Nazi Suspect in Germany A member of a neo-Nazi trio is charged … Read more

Turkish EU minister slams again, President Gül in Portugal, Turkey and Israel officials meet again… A FP roundup…

Peace process will help Turkey?s accession process to the EU from Hurriyet Daily News Turkey?s bid to join the EU might have stalled, but the peace process and a new charter could help accession. Turkey’s President Abdullah Gul (L) and his Portuguese counterpart Anibal Cavaco Silva listen to the national anthems during the welcome ceremony … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: Open Democracy article: “Turkey?s unruly rule of law….and more….

Turkey?s unruly rule of law from open Democracy News Analysis – by Firdevs Robinson After ten years of the aggressive, ?Islam and democracy? experiment, Turkey is increasingly being torn apart between contrasting world views and life styles. Writing about Turkey requires a conscious effort to avoid clichés.   57 students detained after clash at Istanbul … Read more

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