Not surprisingly, Transparency package postponed after Erdoğan’s intervention…

Turkish government postpones transparency package after Erdoğan’s intervention The ruling AKP has postponed the passage of a new transparency package until after the coming election, following an intervention from President Erdoğan Öcalan: HDP Can Pass Election Threshold  Bianet :: English Meeting with the Kurdish delegation in Imrali Prison, PKK leader Öcalan said that Peoples’ Democratic Party could … Read more

“Clashes in Kiev after protest ban… Eurosphere agenda…

  Clashes in Kiev after protest ban Violence breaks out as tens of thousands of people gather in the Ukrainian capital Kiev in defiance of new curbs on protests. Füle calls new Ukrainian laws ?shocking?, ?disrespectful to democracy?   Enlargement and Neighbourhood Commissioner ?tefan Füle said he was ?shocked? and ?deeply disappointed? by new legislation which the … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: “Hollande in double trouble…”France evicted record number of Roma migrants in 2013…

  MAIN FOCUS: Hollande in double trouble | 14/01/2014   France’s President François Holland is under considerable pressure as he prepares for his third major press conference today, Tuesday. He plans to explain the country’s futurereform programme just as reports about an alleged affair are focusing attention on his private life. Commentators scoff that the … Read more

Eurosphere roundup: 2012 EU Youth Report…Key Figures on the Enlargement Countries – 2013 edition

2012 EU Youth Report Source: European Commission The 2012 EU Youth Report is a joint report by the Council and the European Commission. It summarises the results of the first work cycle of the EU Youth Strategy (2010-2012) and establishes employment, social inclusion and health and well-being as new priorities in the youth field for … Read more

Malta photos from Vildan Orancı

more photos here….

Euro Roundup: Stability programmes, Convergence programes and more…–oldercolour/529781

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European sub-culture & gender clichés

by Julien Frisch

Just amazing. A European film about sub-culture that might also destroy some gender clichés. Girl Power!

European Parliament staff statistics by nationality and grade

by Julien Frisch

Earlier this year, the Spanish EU Council Presidency has written a letter to the Secretary General of the European Parliament, Klaus Welle, asking for detailed staff statistics of the European Parliament Secretariat in the same way as the EP wants these statistics from the Council.

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