Because of the travel ban to all Turkish academics, I cannot make it to #EASA2016 … An Anthropology roundup…

In a strange turn of events, failed coup attempt’s aftermath begins to affect our daily lives and plans. Turkey Bans Academics From Traveling this morning and I am one of the many victims. My academic trip to EASA 2016 conference would start tomorrow early morning and now after a bit of inquiries, it has become a certain … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: 2013 Web Index Report…How Antisec died…Bitcoin Survival Guide

2013 Web Index Report Source: World Wide Web Foundation From Press Release: Key  findings  from  the  Web  Index  2013  include: Targeted  censorship  of  Web  content  by  governments  is  widespread  across  the globe.  Moderate  to  extensive  blocking  or  filtering  of  politically  sensitive  content  was reported  in  over  30  percent  of  Web  Index  countries  during  the Kim Dotcom … Read more

“Istanbul voted European Best Destination for 2013” …. Istanbul news roundup…

Istanbul voted European Best Destination for 2013 Travel Daily News International Istanbul took 1st place in European Best Destinations 2013, followed by Lisbon in 2nd place and Vienna in 3rd. Now in its fourth year, European Best Destination is an initiative of non-profit making European Consumers Choice which aims to promote Istanbul maritime by Acturca … Read more

Muhammet Fatih Cantemir’den Ankara Kocatepe Cami fotoları (@emefsi)

Daha fazlası burada… Fatih Cantemir: Hasta ziyareti nedeniyle hafta sonu Ankara ziyaretimde tek gidebildiğim yer Kocatepe Cami oldu. Cumhuriyet dönemi boyunca,  Osmanlı mimarisine daha özelde Mimar Sinan eserlerine en yakın kopya olarak bilinen Kocatepe Cami adından da anlaşılacağı üzere koca bir tepenin üzerinde, başkente hakim bir noktada konumlu olup Ankara’nın neredeyse her yerinden görünme özelliğine … Read more

Malta photos from Vildan Orancı

more photos here….

1,5 days in Gaziantep.

I have arrived G.Antep yesterday for a talk on new media in Zirve University. Some of the photos from the talk can be found in my Storify story i just posted. Today I am free and hanging out in the city center with Anıl Sayan, who is our research assistant and my friend. Anıl is … Read more

Halil İbrahim İzgi: Saraybosna, Mayıs, Kar

  [View the story “Saraybosna, Mayıs, Kar” on Storify]

Seçil Altınışık: Baharda Kıyıköy

From Alsancak, İzmir to Bandırma, Balıkesir

I had missed train journeys. I am about to finish a six-hour train journey… I did not have much time to write about my fast-paced travels… When I get back to Istanbul there is too much to write in fact… not about my travels but about Turkey’s political agenda… This route is car route not … Read more


Qype is a useful website to get information and reviews about Restaurants, bars, hotels, events, where to shop, where to eat, or cultural and art happenings in many major European cities (but increasingly available in other parts of global network such as Brazil. It basically depends on customer reviews. It is particularly strong in London … Read more

İstanbul 2010 Video launched

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.903832&w=425&h=350&fv=uid%3Dgp_592909]

istanbul 2010 agency launched a new promotion campaign yesterday.

RPM Radar, Ajans Ultra, Dentsu Brussels Group collaborated in the latest promotion campaign… Good and critical info here.

more about Istanbul follows:

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Another spring day in Istanbul in the middle of winter

I took these photos a few days ago when Istanbul was still under fog but spring like days continue and today is not an exception (for spring days but not for foggy days). My god, spring days bring such a pressure of unrealized potentialities and I better sit indoors and wait for the end of these beautiful days. Today is not different. Trying to have a super productive day at the office now while -still- I cannot help having some self-pity. I now start a new category: Istanbul news. A news round in chaotic bundle follows…

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