“Anti-Islamic party weighs coalition role




Anti-Islamic party weighs coalition role

from FT.com – World, Europe
The Dutch general election has raised the prospect of an extreme anti-immigration and anti-Islamic party being invited to join government in a European capital. The..

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Euro Roundup: Stability programmes, Convergence programes and more…


found in Sam Thomas


European sub-culture & gender clichés

by Julien Frisch

Just amazing. A European film about sub-culture that might also destroy some gender clichés. Girl Power!

European Parliament staff statistics by nationality and grade

by Julien Frisch

Earlier this year, the Spanish EU Council Presidency has written a letter to the Secretary General of the European Parliament, Klaus Welle, asking for detailed staff statistics of the European Parliament Secretariat in the same way as the EP wants these statistics from the Council.

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