Eurosphere roundup: 2012 EU Youth Report…Key Figures on the Enlargement Countries – 2013 edition

2012 EU Youth Report

Source: European Commission The 2012 EU Youth Report is a joint report by the Council and the European Commission. It summarises the results of the first work cycle of the EU Youth Strategy (2010-2012) and establishes employment, social inclusion and health and well-being as new priorities in the youth field for the

Key Figures on the Enlargement Countries – 2013 edition

Source: Eurostat This pocketbook presents a range of statistics on the enlargement countries in comparison with the European Union from 2001 to 2011. The publication includes data on demography, education, social conditions, labour force, national accounts, finance and prices, external trade, agriculture, energy, industry and services, transport, communication and information society, research

Dutch mood shifts against austerity

The growing protest marks a significant change as the Dutch gradually turn against austerity and their support for Europe plunges


Morocco-Spain relations: A new found love

The history of Spanish?Moroccan relations has been defined as one of mutual interests and guarded suspicion. However, Spain?s economic woes and Morocco?s diplomatic needs have led to a marriage of convenience between the two nations.


Cypriot depositors prepare legal battle over EU bank bailout

Within one week in June, Cypriot Andrew Georgiou suffered a massive heart attack and his father was diagnosed with leukaemia, just as they were fighting to recover much of their life savings wrapped up in the country?s EU-led bailout.

A victim of Cyprus’s chaotic financial rescue, Georgiou cannot be sure his stressful legal battle for the lost money wrecked his family’s health. But, as he said with grim understatement, “it sure as hell didn’t help”.

Malta, under fire from EU, cuts deal with Italy on boat people

Malta?s government appeared to diffuse a growing rift with the EU over the fate of more than 100 people who were rescued from a sinking boat on the Mediterranean Sea but denied the right to land on the island.

In Valletta, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat announced on Tuesday (6 August) that the government negotiated a deal with Italian authorities to allow the ship to dock at Syracuse in Sicily.

Transcending tolerance? The evolution of Dutch DNA

Visitors to the Amsterdam Museum are now met with the immodest claim that tolerance is part and parcel of the ?Amsterdam DNA?. The concept of tolerance as understood now, and in bygone decades, needs critical interrogation if we are to advance a good society for all.


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