FP roundup: More critics of Erdoğan’s policies.. Turkey calls for Syria safe zones, nobody at U.N. Security Council gives a frack….

Turkey calls for Syria safe zones, U.N. Security Council remains unmoved from Yahoo news Turkey tells Security Council members they will “become accomplices to the crime” if they don’t act against Assad, but Council not “there yet” Turkish politics: Erdogan?s counterproductive ambition | The Economist by Turkish Digest Erdogan?s counterproductive ambition Recep Tayyip Erdogan is … Read more

Turkey’s FP roundup: technical iran nuke talks, syria vs. turkey and probably a new crisis to happen between Turkey and France…

Hollande pushes new law to criminalise denial of Armenian genocide – FRANCE – FRANCE 24 Technical Iran nuke talks start in Istanbul from Hurriyet Daily News The negotiations between Iran and the world powers are to continue today in Istanbul at the level of technical experts. Iran reserved on technical talks’ results in Istanbul Iran … Read more

French genocide bill struck down, Sarkozy “obstinant”.. A Turkish foreign policy roundup…

French Bill on Armenian Genocide Is Struck Down by By SCOTT SAYARE Turkey applauded the move, but the president of France vowed to try again. The “Obstinacy” of Sarkozy from Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M Armenian Genocide: François Bayrou denounced the “obstinacy” of Sarkozy. “The revival of this procedure by Nicolas Sarkozy today reflects an obstinacy … Read more

“The conditionality of EU accession has collapsed” while Arab countries eye for Turkey… A foreign policy roundup…

The conditionality of EU accession has collapsed: Kemal Derviş from Hurriyet Daily News The terms of the European Union?s discussions with Turkey need to be reformed, according to Turkey?s former Economy Minister Kemal Derviş, who said the ‘conditionality of accession has collapsed.’ France-Turkey: The Night Will End – OpEd By Maxime Gauin The Armenian claims … Read more

French gambit on genocide today…

Members of a pro-government workers union protest outside the French Embassy in Ankara (AFP, Adem Altan) France and Turkey set for diplomatic crisis – FRANCE 24 In today’s French papers, there are exclusive reports from inside Syria. We look at why French MPs have decided to really upset Ankara. There is a scandal over poisonous … Read more

It seems that with Lieberman, there cannot be peace btw Israel and Turkey….

Netanyahu rules out apology to Turks over flotilla from Hurriyet Dailynews Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday ruled out making an apology to Turkey over an Israeli military raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla that killed eight Turks and one American of Turkish descent. Israeli FM vows no apology to Turkey on raid from Yahoo … Read more

Orhan Pamuk: The souring of Turkey’s European dream

Turkey’s President Abdullah Gul (R) shakes hands with his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad before their meeting in Istanbul December 23, 2010.? Read more » REUTERS/Osman Orsal The souring of Turkey’s European dream | Orhan Pamuk from World news: Turkey | guardian.co.uk by Orhan Pamuk In the first of My Europe, a series in which writers … Read more

Turkish FP roundup: Obama says US-Turkish ties ‘more important than ever’, “Both EU and Turkey to blame for slowdown etc…

Israeli Ambassador to Turkey Gaby Levy (C), pictured in June 2010. Turkey summoned the Israeli envoy to convey its unease over a deal between the Jewish state and Cyprus over economic rights in the Mediterranean, officials and media reports said on Sunday.? Read more »(AFP/File/Bulent Kilic) Obama says US-Turkish ties ‘more important than ever’ – … Read more

Orhan Kemal Cengiz on EU funding NGOs in Turkey/ new issue of Political Reflection Vol. 1 | No. 2 …

?Europeanizing Turkey and the Politics of Fear? by Dr. Rabia Karakaya Polat

from Changing Turkey in a Changing World by Changing Turkey

Excerpt from Rabia Karakaya Polat (2010) ?How Far away from the Politics of Fear: Turkey in the EU Accession Process? in Tunkrova, L. and Saradin P. (eds.) The Politics of EU Accession: Turkish Challenges and Central European Experiences, London: Routledge, pp. 58-71.

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April 24 roundup (Part II)

April 24: A time for optimism and pessimism

from Hurriyet Dailynews by HDN
If we want to face our past and reconcile with our mistakes, we need to first start from the Turkish Armenian community.

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Obama did not say it, but something good still happened in Istanbul…

While I was going through some personal stuff, I missed to watch (or attend) an historical event: A commemoration of the 1915 massacres. The event page is here. This was the first in Turkey’s recent history. It was a small scale event but a giant symbolic step:

İHD'den protesto

Human rights activists hold pictures of Armenian victims during a protest outside the Haydarpasa railway station in Istanbul. Thousands of Armenians have marked the 95th anniversary of mass killings under the Ottoman Empire amid fresh tensions with Turkey over the collapse of reconciliation efforts.? Read more » (AFP/Bulentkilic)

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“The cost of no EU-Turkey: four views

The cost of no EU-Turkey: four views


Open Society Foundation, May 2009, Istanbul                   Türkçe

Hakan Altınay, Michael Lake, Carl Bildt, Paulina Lampsa, Hakan Yılmaz

We as the Open Society Foundation care deeply about EU-Turkey relations, because we strongly believe that Turkey becomes a more open society as it gets closer to the EU. We also believe that the open society values in the EU grow stronger, as the Union gets ready to admit Turkey. When Turkey is admitted as a member of the EU, the new Union will be in a much better position to project open society values in the world, which we consider equally important.

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Season of Turkey in France ends with no scandals- so far

I was expecting a clash btw Sarkozy and Erdoğan but that did not happen so far… Well we still have some to observe a scene:)

Turkish PM visits France amid EU rift < | Expatica France

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Irish President tells Turks an anecdote of myth not fact and some Turks already know it…


A while ago, in a mailing list, a friend excitedly send Drogheda FC’s logo and told the story. Someone searched about it and found that was a myth. Now here comes again:

President tells Turks an anecdote of myth not fact

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While President Gül gets Chatham Prize, Genocide Resolutions on the agenda…

Roundup continues on genocide bills and Turkey’s other foreign policy related issues…

President Gül Named Chatham House Prize 2010 Winner

Abdullah Gül, President of Turkey, has been voted the winner of the Chatham House Prize 2010. This annual award is presented to the statesperson deemed by members of the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House to have made the most significant contribution to the improvement of international relations in the previous year.

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