Ayhan Kaya: Erdoğan, Merkel pleased by status quo in Turkey-EU ties; “How Turkey blew its chance to lead this troubled region…

Erdoğan, Merkel pleased by status quo in Turkey-EU ties Following an overwhelming electoral victory that gave Angela Merkel the mandate to rule Germany for the third time, not much is expected to change in Turkish-EU relations ************************* US concerned about Turkey’s choice of Chinese missile system The US is concerned over Turkey’s decision to co-produce … Read more

Turkey’s war games. Shoot the Syrian helicopter, then pilots decapitated by Al-Qaida militants… Syria updates..

Turkey conducted ?punitive action? by shooting Syrian helicopter, Turkish FM says Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has said that Turkey conducted a ?punishing operation? Raw: Turkey Says It Shot Down Syrian Helicopter A Turkish fighter jet shot down a Syrian military helicopter on Monday after it entered Turkish airspace and ignored warnings to leave, an official said. … Read more

Obama vows to explore diplomatic route on Syria chemical weapons…. Turkey lost in Syrian diplomacy.. Syrian updates…

Where is Turkey in Syrian diplomacy? The mood of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan before his departure to St. Petersburg How Assad Wooed the American Right, and Won the Syria Propaganda War Even before President Barack Obama put his plans to strike the Syrian regime on hold, hewas losing the battle of public opinion about military intervention. … Read more

FP roundup: “Obama?s dangerous passivity on Egypt and Syria …

Egypt ?shame? for Islam, Arab world, Turkish President Gül says President Abdullah Gül said Aug. 16 the ongoing crisis in Egypt is a shame for Islam and the Arab world Turkey recalls ambassador in Cairo for consultations, Egypt reciprocates Egypt recalled its ambassador in Ankara, reciprocating only a few hours later to Turkish PM Erdoğan … Read more

FP roundup: More critics of Erdoğan’s policies.. Turkey calls for Syria safe zones, nobody at U.N. Security Council gives a frack….

Turkey calls for Syria safe zones, U.N. Security Council remains unmoved from Yahoo news Turkey tells Security Council members they will “become accomplices to the crime” if they don’t act against Assad, but Council not “there yet” Turkish politics: Erdogan?s counterproductive ambition | The Economist by Turkish Digest Erdogan?s counterproductive ambition Recep Tayyip Erdogan is … Read more