French genocide bill struck down, Sarkozy “obstinant”.. A Turkish foreign policy roundup…

French Bill on Armenian Genocide Is Struck Down

Turkey applauded the move, but the president of France vowed to try again.

The “Obstinacy” of Sarkozy

from Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M

Armenian Genocide: François Bayrou denounced the “obstinacy” of Sarkozy. “The revival of this procedure by Nicolas Sarkozy today reflects an obstinacy which is well understood inspiration during elections but a head of state in its responsibility should not be encouraged”, said MP and president of the MoDem.

Nicolas Sarkozy orders new Armenian genocide law – Telegraph



French court cancels ?genocide? denial bill

The Constitutional Council in France rejects a bill penalizing ?the Armenian genocide? denial, declaring it unconstitutional and a violation of freedom of expression

Drug transportation routes changed: report

Heroin smugglers decreased their use of Turkey as a drug passage into Europe in 2010, but the opium that reached Europe arrived mainly from Turkey and Iran, according to a recent report released by a U.N. narcotics agency.

German teens pick up on Turkish slang

German youth are now frequently using common Turkish slang words, according…


‘Friends of Syria’ 2nd meeting to be held in Turkey: Davutoğlu

The second meeting of the “Friends of Syria” group will be held in Turkey, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said

Turkey and Iran: Amidst the Smiles, A Rivalry Intensifies

from – Turkey
Turkey?s ruling Justice and Development Party appears to be recalibrating its Iran policy and increasingly distancing itself from the more vocal support it previously gave the Iranian regime. As the two powers tussle over Syria, Iraq and other issues, analysts warn that their rivalry for leadership in the Middle East is only likely to sharpen.

In Heavy Waters: Iran?s Nuclear Program, the Risk of War and Lessons from Turkey – International Crisis Group

from Turkish Digest

Turkish diplomacy: an attentive neighbour

by Acturca
Financial Times (UK) Sunday, February 26, 2012 By Daniel Dombey Ankara is playing an increasingly active role in Middle East but doubts remain about real extent of its influence. Hillary Clinton could hardly have been clearer. With Syria in flames, increasing tension in Iraq and the countries of the Arab spring groping for a way […]


Gov?t appoints non-career diplomats

The Turkish government has designated three more non-career diplomats as ambassadors, among them the former head of Turkey?s Higher Education Board (YÖK), Yusuf Ziya Özcan, who will represent Turkey in Poland, sources said.

“Journalists Need a Lawyer on Standby”

from Bianet :: English
According to an analysis of the Committee to Protect Journalists, “A critical journalist in Turkey these days needs a lawyer on standby. The press is laboring under a creaking judicial system”.

Turkey and Israel keep bonds alive through music

by Acturca
SES Türkiye, 21 February 2012                                                     Türkçe By Menekse Tokyay, Istanbul Israeli and Turkish musicians have become ?volunteer ambassadors? to create and maintain bonds between the two countries. At a time

Turkey tightens airspace requirements on Israeli flights: report

from Hurriyet Daily News
Turkey has imposed tighter restrictions on Israeli cargo flights entering its airspace..

Iranian Inroads in Turkey

from Kamil Pasha by Jenny White
In a well-researched essay in Today?s Zaman, Abdullah Bozkurt lays out the case for Iranian mischief making in Turkey. (click here) He points out the mysterious growth last year of Iranian-funded businesses in Turkey, 41% more than the previous year, putting Iran at the top of new foreign companies established in Turkey, 2,140, a quarter of them established only in 2011. (And many more using Turkish partners.) Yet Germany, which set up only 36 companies last year, has a much larger trade volume. Bozkurt lays out a scenario, based on interviews with security officials and others, that Iran is setting Turkey up as a place to circumvent international sanctions against it and also to infiltrate Turkey with agents who could provoke the Turkish public.


New major player in Middle East?

by Acturca
Voice of Russia, Feb 26, 2012 Kudashkina Ekaterina Interview with Tom Wheeler ? former South African Ambassador to Turkey and currently a research associate at the South African Institute of International Affairs. How important do you think this kind of visit could be? I think it is important, obviously China is playing a much bigge


Turkey?s post-EU world

from Hurriyet Daily News
In the past 10 years the relationship between Turkey and the European Union (EU) has transformed drastically.


Turkey seeks to be international mediation center

by Acturca
Voice of America (USA) February 27, 2012 Dorian Jones, Istanbul The Turkish foreign minister is seeking to make Istanbul a center for mediation in resolving international crises. The initiative comes as Ankara seeks to resolve the conflict in Syria and tensions over Iran?s nuclear energy program. ?Enhancing Peace through Mediation: New Actors, Fresh Approaches, Bold


?Turkey lungs of EU economy?

Turkey is a main goods supplier to Europe, says Economy Minister Zafer Çağlayan, adding that the country attracted $15.7 billion foreign direct investment last year despite the economic problems across the continent

The Nuray Mert issue in EU-Turkey dialogue

The issue of journalists who lost their jobs because of their political stance and whose situation was brought up by deputies …


Turkey?s Foreign Policy Objectives in a Changing World

by Acturca
Center for Strategic and International Studies (USA) Feb 10, 2012 Featuring His Excellency Ahmet Davutoğlu Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey ?We have to create a new international awareness regarding the suffering of the Syrian people,? said Foreign Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoğlu before a standing room only audience at CSIS. Turkey

Using Turkey?s expertise to deal with Iran

from Today’s Zaman, your gateway to Turkish daily news :: Columnists by JOOST LAGENDIJK
Until recently, I never believed Israel, in the end, would be willing to deliver upon its threat to bomb nuclear facilities in Iran to prevent that country from acquiring a nuclear weapon. I presumed that, eventually, the Israelis themselves would see that poking a stick in that beehive would bring about enormous risks of a tit-for-tat war in the region in which Israel would be the main target. Or, if Jerusalem did not get it, the US would use its influence to convince the Israelis to back down and give sanctions or diplomacy another chance. I am not so sure anymore.

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