#Karadzic gets 40 years of jail, yet another happy moment due to justice found abroad…

Karadzic guilty of Bosnia genocide, jailed for 40 years Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic has been sentenced to 40 years in jail by U.N. judges who found him found guilty of genocide for the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, as well as on nine other war crimes charges Two Belgian ministers offered to resign over bomb suspect EurActiv.com … Read more

Better than nothing. The Commemorative Events in Istanbul. Turkey hesitant reacting Russia, France’s G-decisions. #ArmenianGenocide

The Commemorative Events for Genocide in Istanbul Bianet :: English On the anniversary of 1915 Genocide, several events were held in Istanbul. The official ceremony, the genocide march, and erecting memorial stone in front of the victims were some of the ceremonial events among others. Armenian Genocide: Coverage on 19th and 20th Century  Bianet :: English Demoyan, … Read more

Turkey having playing the ally card, Obama does not utter g-word…

View originalFlag media Obama’s nuanced 1915 statement avoids ‘genocide’ Hurriyet Daily News Fulfilling expectations, U.S. President Obama has refrained from using the word ‘genocide’ in a statement to mark the 100th anniversary of the mass deportation of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, while praising two figures who used the term. The many faces of Anzac Day: how … Read more

Government’s full time apologist Mahçupyan loses his advisor post after calling 1915 a genocide…

Maybe he will finally understand what does supporting AKP regime means… Turkish PM’s chief advisor calls 1915 a ‘genocide’   Etyen Mahçupyan has described the killings of Armenians in 1915 at the hands of the Ottoman Empire as a ‘genocide’ Turkey’s EU Minister disapproves of remarks by Mahçupyan over 1915 Mahçupyan’s description ‘was not appropriate for his … Read more

Now it is Pope’s turn: “Erdoğan warns Pope Francis not to repeat ‘mistake’ about Armenian claims…

Erdoğan warns Pope Francis not to repeat ‘mistake’ about Armenian claims Turkish President Erdoğan has condemned Pope Francis, warning him to not repeat the ‘mistake’ of describing the mass killings of Ottoman Armenians as ‘genocide.’ European Parliament set to vote on ‘genocide’ claims The European Parliament is set to discuss and vote on a resolution April 15 … Read more

April 24 increasingly commemorated in Turkey…

Turkish and Armenian people gather in Istanbul, Turkey, Sunday, April 24, 2011, to mark the anniversary of the massacre of Armenians during World War I, in 1915. People gather together to mark the massacre and to help the process of reconciliation between the nations, in a rare public display of opinion on perhaps the darkest … Read more

Poor Kim Kardashian, worried to be the cover girl in Turkey:)

photo via Hürriyet Kim Kardashian’s surprisingly judicious outrage over Armenian genocide and Cosmo magazine – Celebrity – Salon.com

April 24 roundup (Part II)

April 24: A time for optimism and pessimism

from Hurriyet Dailynews by HDN
If we want to face our past and reconcile with our mistakes, we need to first start from the Turkish Armenian community.

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Now comes Sweden

When Turkey and Armenia come closest, third country parliaments interfere. Looks like a calculated provocation….

Sweden angers Turkey with ‘genocide’ vote

from European Voice
Turkey withdraws its ambassador to Sweden in protest at Armenia vote.

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Now PM points out the “Jewish lobby” for the course of genocide resolution…

The Resolution Saga Continues, Erdogan Points to “Jewish Lobby” from Turkish Politics in Action by Ragan Updegraff Prime Minister Erdogan said today that Ankara has no plans to send Turkish Ambasador to the United States Namik Tan back to Washington until it receives a clear signal that the resolution is dead. On Friday, the Obama … Read more

Turkish angers builds up today

And I am sure this will boost the sequel of Valley of the Wolves

U.S. “genocide” resolution casts shadow over Turkey- Armenia normalization process

The Morning After

from Turkish Politics in Action by Ragan Updegraff

Newly-appointed Turkish Ambassador to the United States Namik Tan PHOTO from Hurriyet Daily News

Though with less of a majority than expected, the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday again passed a resolution recognizing the mass deportations organized by the Ottoman Committee for Union and Progrss (CUP) as genocide. By a vote of 23-22, the non-binding resolution now waits to be moved to the House floor for a vote by the entire 435-member body, though it is unclear whether House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will do so.

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Annual drama between US and Turkey continues

US congressional move will definitely help US favorability in Turkey (!)

Turkey recalls ambassador over US vote

from FT.com – World, Europe
Barack Obama’s project of building a “model partnership” with Turkey faced its biggest test to date as a US congressional panel voted on a resolution describing the Ottoman-era massacres of some 1.5m Armenians as genocide

FILE - In this Jan. 4, 2010 file photo, Turkey's new Ambassador  ...

FILE – In this Jan. 4, 2010 file photo, Turkey’s new Ambassador to Washington Namik Tan, right, and Turkey’s ambassador to Israel Ahmet Oguz Celikkol, left, are seen during a meeting in Ankara, Turkey. Turkey says it is recalling its ambassador to the U.S. for consultations following a resolution declaring the killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turks around the time of World War I genocide. The move came minutes after the U.S. congressional panel approved the resolution Thursday. A government statement said Ambassador Namik Tan was being recalled with immediate effect.(AP Photo / Burhan Ozbilici, File)

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Genocide tension season for TR-US relations begins

People upset over Armenia’s warming diplomatic relations with Turkey, protest in front of the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills, California in 2009. Turkey warned US lawmakers Monday against passing a bill that brands World War One-era massacres of Armenians by Ottoman Turks “genocide,” saying ties between Washington and Ankara would suffer. (AFP/Getty Images/File/Kevork Djansezian) … Read more