Grexit divides politicians in Athens

Eurozone membership is “irrevocable”, the European Commission said today (5 December), after media reports about Greece leaving the single currency that triggered strong reactions in Athens. EurActiv Greece reports.


The EU Commission stressed on Monday that according to the EU treaties a Greek exit from the Eurozone is not possible. If that’s the case there is no means to put pressure on states to reform, some commentators write. Others believe the Union has no option but to grant Greece a complete debt write-down.


Amid a new wave of racist, Islamophobic demonstrations, leading migration researchers warn of a division of German society. EurActiv Germany reports.

The Commission can make better use of art, technology and storytelling if it wants people to get interested, writes Filippo Addarii.

The German government rejects accusations of meddling in the Greek election campaign, but has not denied rumours that it considers a eurozone exit viable for Athens. EurActiv Germany reports.


France and Germany suggested Monday (5 January) that Western sanctioning Russia had reached its limits and could only make things worse. The statements were made ahead of a four-way summit on the Ukraine crisis in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana on 15 January.

The French President launched a media campaign to regain public favour on Monday (5 January), calling on Europe to show greater conviction in its decisions. EurActiv France reports.

Gender equality: time for quotas in Scottish politics?


We can’t just sit around and wait for equality to happen.



“The Greek Election 2015 – Revolt Of The Debtors” by Paul De Grauwe

The Greek debt crisis that erupted in 2010 is back and again threatens the stability of the Eurozone. That crisis was the result of two factors. First, an unbridled spending drift of both the private and the public sectors in Greece during the boom years of 2000-2010, which led to unsustainable levels of debt. Second, reckless lending to Greece by Northern Eurozone banks. At no time the Northern bankers asked themselves the question of whether the Greeks would repay the loans.

The 2015 Greek euro drama


Tense new year for eurozone as Greek election looms


MAIN FOCUS: Traffickers abandon ships carrying refugees | 05/01/2015


For the second time within a few days, the Italian coast guard rescued refugees from an unmanned cargo ship on the weekend. The roughly 360 people on board are reportedly of Syrian origin. Commentators point out that trafficking gangs are taking advantage of the EU’s failed refugee policy and call for a coordinated EU rescue mission in the Mediterranean.



Inflation in Germany fell to its lowest level in more than five years in December, official figures have shown.

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