Eurosphere agenda: “EU tackles Google.. “400 immigrants drown off of Libya…”France opens Rwanda genocide archive….

EU tackles Google over search ‘abuse’

The European Union’s competition commissioner has announced details of its case against Google over its search engine.

Up to 400 illegal migrants died after their vessel capsized off the Libyan coast on Sunday (12 April), said survivors who were brought to Italy, where tension is mounting over a surge in boat arrivals from North Africa.


EU’s approach to migrants: humanitarian rhetoric, inhumane treatment

The European Commission is working on its ‘comprehensive migration agenda’ while migrants continue to die at sea. Its tenants should be self-evident, yet some proposals for it are troubling.

The EU’s reaction to the latest political crisis in Macedonia crisis has been very slow, and gives the impression that the EU seems out of touch with reality on the ground, writes Erwan Fouéré.

Europe’s economy is too dependent on bank finance. A greater reliance on capital markets would help to boost the region’s economic growth and resilience in future financial crises. To this end, the European Commission is aiming to create a capital markets union (CMU) in an effort to lower Europe’s dependence on bank finance and encourage the integration and deepening of its capital markets. But there are plenty of obstacles. Jonathan Hill, the EU’s finance commissioner, is sensibly focusing on the lower hanging fruit. But even these ‘early action’ measures will take time to implement, and as such will not improve Europe’s short-term economic prospects.

A meeting with Podemos in Manchester provides an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of democracy and the need to challenge the undemocratic politics of ‘DevoManc’.

France opens Rwanda genocide archive

France declassifies documents related to the 1994 Rwandan genocide which claimed at least 800,000 lives, the French president’s office says.

The German government on Tuesday again rejected Greece’s demands for reparations. Athens puts the sum for World War II reparations from Germany at 278.7 billion euros. In view of the crimes committed during German occupation the debate can’t simply be declared over and done with, some commentators fume. Others criticise Greece’s negotiation tactics, which rely purely on confrontation.


Greek’s debt crisis: Payback time

Still buried under colossal debts, can Athens make the appropriate reforms to appease its eurozone counterparts?

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