A social fabric roundup: “One-third of Turks are poor or needy: Ministry?s report

Beyoglu, Istanbul
Beyoglu, Istanbul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One-third of Turks are poor or needy: Ministry?s report

Nearly one-third of Turkish people, 23.6 million, are poor or needy


Behind the facade of Turkey?s recent economic growth

Numbers do not lie, but they do deceive. Turkey?s GDP has more than doubled in the last decade, the International Monetary Fund expects the Turkish economy to grow by 3.4% and 3.7% in 2013 and 2014, respectively.


Turkish judge warns on bans on different lifestyles

Adding new chains of interference in lifestyles will only overstrain an already exhausted.

Turkey alcohol laws could pull the plug on Istanbul nightlife

Retailers in the city’s Beyoglu district are worried about the likely impact on business and loss of traditions

In the Siirci bar in a backstreet of Istanbul’s bustling Beyoglu district, a few patrons are enjoying a cold beer. Flyers for LBGT rights and environmentalist demonstrations are scattered on a small table with feminist magazines stacked alongside.


Turkey: Prosperity for a Few, Hardship for Many

Copyright show:


Having tripled the size of its economy over the past decade, Turkey is invariably held up as an economic success story. But behind this outward tale of success lies a much darker backstory, one featuring a deepening income gap and crimped workers? rights.

Parliamentary commission to look into torture claims at juvenile prison

The Turkish Parliament?s human rights commission will perform inspections at a number of prisons following reports of torture and ill-treatment at a juvenile prison.


Turkey?s most popular television series Magnificent Century to air on Chinese TV

Turkey?s internationally renowned television series ?Muhteşem Yüzyıl? (The Magnificent Century) will be aired



Turkey flies high in world in bribery list

Turkey ranks among the worst 10 countries in which bribery is commonly used to win.

Third of women suffer domestic violence: WHO study

In the first major global review of violence against women, a series of reports released.

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