DNS change explained on Turkey Streets (!) and a roundup on the Twitter Ban

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I got the phone from this Twitter account

A few news/op-ed I was also quoted and some others:

‘Twitter schmitter?’ Turkey’s prime minister vows to block the social …

Public Radio International-

Cyber critic Erkan Saka, who lectures at Istanbul?s Bilgi University, said the government isn?t strong enough to effectively shut down social media. But he warns this could go further.

?What I am more anxious about is that they might try to criminalize these circumvention practices,? he said.

Saka says people are becoming wary and self-censorship is an issue.

?It?s already a trend that I see,” he said. “More and more anonymous accounts (are being set up) on Twitter, instead of people using their real names because of possible intimidation.?

Turkey bans Twitter: Here’s why

?It was just a matter of moment for Prime Minister Erdogan and his men to decide to ban Twitter,? said Erkan Saka, an outspoken blogger and communications lecturer at Bilgi University in Istanbul. ?Twitter remains the main channel for freedom of expression and dissemination of corruption file leaks.?  ….

Iran’s New Era: Unblocking freedom of expression, the press and the …

Deutsche Welle-Mar 18, 2014
Turkish laws censoring the Internet extend existing policies clamping down on free speech, Istanbul communications instructor Erkan Saka tells

Activists decry ‘major attack’ on internet

Independent Online-Feb 23, 2014
?I believe this new law might lead to even more anonymous internet activism,? says Erkan Saka, an expert on cyber-culture in Turkey


EFF Turkey blocked Twitter, but that hasn’t stopped Turkish Internet users from tweeting. Here’s why: eff.org/r.u7cr

How #TurkeyBlockedTwitter from Bay Area, beyond

Select tweets about San Francisco-based social media giant joining millions of users in addressing, circumventing ban by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan


Just arrived İstanbul, cannot continue for the moment, tomorrow more to come…

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