by the way, “Beautiful minds” meet up at BİLGİ…plus Isaac Asimov, Grateful Dead archive and academic roundup…

Beautiful minds meet up at BİLGİ
Hurriyet Daily News
Nobel prize winners Eric Maskin (2nd L), John Nash (C), Reinhard Selten (2nd R) and Roger Myerson (R) delivered a joint session to Istanbul Bilgi University (BİLGİ) students within the scope of the four-day World Congress of the Game Theory Society.

Participants impressed by strong content, Istanbul
Hurriyet Daily News
The 4th Game Theory Congress in Istanbul gathered scholars of all ages and fields of study from all corners of the world as the Game Theory continues to inspire a wide spectrum of disciplines. Participants said they were impressed with the content of the

Istanbul hosts ?a beautiful mind? in game theory meet

from Hurriyet Daily News
Famous American mathematician John Nash attended the Fourth Game Theory Congress..

Isaac Asimov Recalls the Golden Age of Science Fiction (1937-1950)

from Open Culture by jdavidjones

In this short clip, Isaac Asimov discusses the golden age of science fiction, which began in 1937 (and ended in 1950) when John W. Campbell Jr. took over as editor of the magazine Astounding Science Fiction. Prior to Campbell?s editorship, most sci-fi stories were published in the ?pulps,? and were in Asimov?s words ?heavily adventure-flavored? because underpaid writers often wrote in several genres in order to compete in an overcrowded marketplace for escapist stories of romance, war, jungle and sea adventures, and horror tales. Unlike most of the ?pulp? writers, Campbell was a scientist who studied physics at MIT and Duke, not to mention a prolific writer of fiction. (Many of Campbell?s novels and short stories are available in full-text as ePUB and PDF files here).

Financialising Development

from Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology ? A Group Blog by Maia

Cash is Fashionable
Ryan?s recent post on money and its flows and blocks  prompts me to post this, something I wrote a few weeks ago in response to a request from colleagues in Leiden for their  ICA magazine, which is published by study association Itiwana of the department of cultural anthropology and development. After my post on brands and the UK riots they thought I could write something about brands.   Being in Tanzania which is buzzing with money talk,  prompted in part by its new status as  a destination for mining and gas companies in the current  natural resource rush, I wrote instead about how development is being re-branded.

Take a trip through the Grateful Dead Archive Online

by LibraryLab

UC Santa Cruz launched the Grateful Dead Archive Onlinelast Friday with tens of thousands of items. But it wouldn’t be a Grateful Dead archive if all you could do was look at stuff, so you can also:

American Civil Religion in the Age of Obama: An interview with Philip S. Gorski

from The Immanent Frame by Joseph Blankholm
Philip S. Gorski is Professor of Sociology and Religious Studies and Co-Director of the Center for Comparative Research at Yale University. His work as a comparative historical sociologist has been influential in recovering Max Weber and asserting the strong influence of Calvinism on state formation in early modern Europe.

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