Youtube partially blocked. Turkish government is messing up with our Internet Freedom. Current situation

A few hours ago two ISPs, Turknet and Uydunet announced blockage. Not other ISPs yet apply the court rule.

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A few days ago Vimeo was blocked first, then unblocked. But particular videos could be blocked in Vimeo and other video sharing sites. Government’s excuse is to block sex videos of government officials but as one might guess, it will go beyond that for sure.

We suspect that they are testing DPI powered blockages partially and there is no homogeneous blockage for the moment.

Very probably government excuse will be like this “you see, we have to block all the site in order to prevent a video to be seen, with the new law, we will ban only particular videos” WHICH means most of the opposition figures’ social media accounts will be blocked…

I believe with all circumvention tools, we will bypass these restrictions, but why should we deal with the censorship at all?

In a day, the new Internet law may be accepted in the Parliament. Then 18 January Internet Freedom marches all over Turkey will become even more vital…


Turkey Debates New Law to Control Web Users

Wall Street Journal (blog)

People can see that these articles are a response to [antigovernment] Gezi protests and the current corruption investigations,? says Yaman Akdeniz, law professor in Istanbul’s Bilgi University, an active critic of internet restrictions in Turkey

Turkey?s top business group warns against Internet censorship

TÜSİAD said a government-led bill to increase the control over the Internet is ‘worrying’

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