Protests against Internet censorship law expected this evening in many cities..


In the mean time, I am also quoted in this BBC piece:

Half a million ‘internet censorship’ tweets


Why Turks say they are being muzzled online

Half a million ‘internet censorship’ tweets

BBC News

Traditional media in Turkey is heavily regulated and, according to Erkan Saka, a political blogger and professor of communications at Istanbul University, the government is now trying to leverage the same influence over social media. He believes the


Opposition says military bill is designed to increase Turkish PM’s authority

The government?s new military law bill is aimed at further strengthening Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

US ‘shares concerns’ regarding Turkey?s Internet bill


Washington said it shares concerns expressed elsewhere that the Internet bill is not ‘compatible with freedom of expression’

Saka: Government will decide what violates privacy

Deutsche Welle

Erkan Saka: I believe it is a case of censorship since the judicial process is evaded. All decisions are now up to Telecommunications Communications Presidency, which is appointed by the prime ministry. The government will decide what violates privacy


Turkey?s nightmarish adventures in censorship and surveillance on the internet


As the mayoral elections are around the corner, authoritarian surveillance and the censorship of political content is increasing on a frighteningly exponential scale.

In the year 2011, Bulent Arinc, the Vice-Prime Minister declared that the then President of Turkish Industry and Business Association (TUSIAD), Umit Boyner, was a porno enthusiast. This was his considered reply to Mrs Boyner?s criticisms of the internet filtering mechanism installed by the AKP government.

Turkey’s Strict New Internet Laws Criticised

Sky News

Yaman Akdeniz, law professor at Bilgi University in Istanbul, said the curbs would have a “chilling effect” in a country where Facebook and Twitter are platforms for political discussion rather than just socialising. “I would call it an Orwellian


Amid Flow of Leaks, Turkey Moves to Crimp Internet

New York Times

?This is no longer about children, no one buys that,? said Yaman Akdeniz, a law professor at Bilgi University. ?It is about the government trying to protect themselves.? One independent news website, Vagus.TV ? established by Serdar Akinan, a veteran …

Alarm bells over ‘Big Brother’ Turkish internet curbs

Alarm bells over Turkish internet curbs

Turkey Ramps Up Internet Censorship


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