Eurosphere agenda: “Greece closes banks amid debt crisis

Greece closes banks amid debt crisis

Greek banks are to close and capital controls imposed, the prime minister says, amid fears of a default and possible exit from the eurozone.
ECB ‘to maintain Greek funding limit’

The European Central Bank says it will maintain its emergency funding of Greek banks at the level agreed on Friday.
Greece on the brink

Greece stares default in the face
ECB to turn off emergency help for Greek banks

ECB poised to turn off emergency help for Greece
A turning point for Greece and Europe

There is still some space to avoid this worst-case scenario. And to listen to the reasons of Alexis Tsipras and of Greece – that are the reasons of democracy, in Athens as in Europe.

The geopolitical implications of Europe’s debt crisis

Up until very recently, geopolitics was one of the most unpopular and outdated intellectual concepts in contemporary Europe. The eurocrisis has changed that.

An alliance of right-wing parties won the Danish general election on Thursday evening (18 June), in an extremely close race marked by the dramatic rise of the far-right Danish People’s Party, which became the country’s second biggest political force.

EU set to kill street photography

The “Freedom of Panorama” is the right to take pictures in public spaces, even if you incidentally capture copyrighted works, from building facades to public sculptures to images on t-shirts and ads — and on July 9, the EU will vote whether to abolish it. Read the rest

Slavery’s afterlife in the Euro-Mediterranean basin

Invisible to even the most progressive Europeans, antiblackness is the foundation from which to understand the tragedies now occurring in the Mediterranean Basin.


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