Cyberculture agenda: RIP, Caspar Bowden… Hacking Team revelations… Reddit woes…

Hacking Team Shows the World How Not to Stockpile Exploits  Wired Top Stories by Kim Zetter Zero-day exploits are like gold to hackers. Keep them all in one place and you’re asking to get robbed. Caspar Bowden: NSA Hearing LIBE European Parliament, 24 September 2013  open Democracy News Analysis – by Caspar Bowden As a tribute to … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: “Edward Snowden, two years later

Edward Snowden: World is rejecting mass surveillance Legislation ending the US government’s bulk collection of telephone data is “a historic victory for the rights of every citizen,” former intelligence analyst Edward Snowden said in a commentary June 4 Media Lessons from Snowden Reporting: LA Times Editors Advocate Prosecution of Sources The Intercept by Glenn Greenwald Two years … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: WikiLeaks releases some U.S. diplomatic cables from 1978…

  PressRelease here WikiLeaks releases a trove of U.S. diplomatic cables from 1978 Mashable! by Stan Schroeder WikiLeaks has released more than half a million U.S. diplomatic cables from 1978, the whistleblower website has announced. Despite NSA leaks, many Americans haven’t changed their privacy settings  Mashable! by Louise Roug Contrary to the view that people have “nothing … Read more

A literati roundup: Orhan Pamuk in Newsweek, Digital Literacies, Kurdish files, Neal Stephenson’s remarks, Happy Planet Index, Academic PDFs on the iPad

Orhan Pamuk on His Museum of Innocence in Istanbul Newsweek Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk explains why he built a museum dedicated to the glory and tragedy of one fictional couple’s love. Print; Email; Comments. The museums I visited in my childhood?not just in Istanbul but even in Paris, where I first went in   Six … Read more

“Neal Stephenson’s Novel Experiment”

Neal Stephenson’s Novel Experiment from Shareable – Sharing by design by Paul M. Davis A few weeks back, I wrote about authors Laird Harrison and Jesus Angel Garcia, who are leveraging the social web to distribute excerpts of their novels in unusual ways. Now comes word that Neal Stephenson, with his new publishing startup Subutai, … Read more