Now it is Pope’s turn: “Erdoğan warns Pope Francis not to repeat ‘mistake’ about Armenian claims…

Turkish President Erdoğan has condemned Pope Francis, warning him to not repeat the ‘mistake’ of describing the mass killings of Ottoman Armenians as ‘genocide.’
The European Parliament is set to discuss and vote on a resolution April 15 on the claims of “genocide” over the mass killings of Armenians in the hands of Ottomans a century ago, a move that is set up the heat up the debates before a ceremony in Armenia on April 24.
Turkish-Armenian relations are back under the spotlight ahead of the centenary commemorations of 1915 on April 24. Stepping onto this minefield is Carnegie Endowment scholar Thomas de Waal.
Turkish-Armenian relations are back under the spotlight ahead of the centenary commemorations of 1915 on April 24. Carnegie Endowment scholar Thomas de Waal spoke to HDN about his new book on the subject.
Questions and Answers About Armenians and Genocide

Pope Francis’ description of the killing of Armenians 100 years ago as a genocide has elevated historical arguments about what happened then.
The reason for the growing international tendency to recognize the mass killings of Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman Empire in 1915 as genocide is the Sunni Islamist policy pursued by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), a senior main opposition party leader has claimed.
The minister for European affairs suggested that Argentines as whole, and not just Pope Francis, had been brainwashed by rich and powerful Armenians in their midst.
Today’s Zaman (Turkey) April 13, 2015, p. 14 by Gokhan Bacik Russia is again a popular issue in Turkish foreign policy, just as it was when Moscow was dubbed the key partner in the construction of the first Turkish nuclear power station. Turkish energy dependence on Russia will now become more consolidated. In a sense, […]
Turkey and Iran shelve suspicions

Turkey and Iran opt to shelve mutual suspicions
Turkish officers are participating in the training of 800 Sunni and Turkmen fighters in a camp north of Iraq’s Mosul on the eve of a planned military assault to retake the area from ISIL.
ECHR gave its verdict on Veli Saçılık whose severance pay for getting his arm torn off in a prison operation was recalled after the case at the Council of State: Turkey cannot ask Saçılık to give back the indemnity paid him. The ECHR also warned Turkey to take its verdicts seriously.
A Turkish Cypriot man has turned the U.N.-led Cyprus negotiations into a satirical video game

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