As Davutoğlu eagerly promotes Homeland Security Act, “Conscientious Objector Receives 15 Months of Prison” despite EU reforms…

Mehmet Tarhan, a conscientious objector from Turkey, received 15 months of prison and 9,000 liras fine despite related ECHR rulings.
Advocates affiliated with Istanbul Bar Association held a night-long “justice watch” in Istanbul Courthouse against Turkey’s homeland security act draft.
“This homeland security act will pass, pass pass,” PM Ahmet Davutoğlu said during his party meeting yesterday.
The Turkish government’s contentious new security bill is fully in line with EU norms and universal values, PM Davutoğlu has stressed

My new piece in The National Interest just came out. It is an analysis of Turkish current events, seen from a slightly more anthropological angle than usual. I identify repeating themes and patterns that underlie Turkish society and politics. I first encountered these while doing new research last year into Turkey in the turbulent 1970s (thanks to Stockholm University Institute for Turkish Studies for supporting the research). These insights have pointed me in new directions.

Turkey’s turn toward pugnacious autocracy over the past few years has caused consternation in Washington and European capitals. Some pundits blame it on the rise of Islam in a country that previously had been ruled by secular Kemalist governments. Since 2002, the Islam-rooted Justice and Development Party (AKP) has been elected three times at the national level with an ever-greater percentage of the vote. In the 2014 local elections, too, it neared 50 percent. As the party has deepened its hold on Turkey, it has felt more secure in pressing what many assumed has been its agenda all along: authoritarian rule and the Islamicization of society.

The European Court of Human Rights convicted Turkey of violating freedom of speech in the case of Ferhat Tunç, a singer who was ordered to pay a fine for having a dissident speech during a concert.
The European Court of Human Rights has fined Turkey 4,250 euros for fining a singer for his speech in a concert without any trial despite his demand to stand trial.

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