Because of the travel ban to all Turkish academics, I cannot make it to #EASA2016 … An Anthropology roundup…

In a strange turn of events, failed coup attempt’s aftermath begins to affect our daily lives and plans. Turkey Bans Academics From Traveling this morning and I am one of the many victims. My academic trip to EASA 2016 conference would start tomorrow early morning and now after a bit of inquiries, it has become a certain … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: “The Intercept begins publishing Snowden doc

How We Prepared the NSA’s Sensitive Internal Reports for Release  The Intercept The 166 articles we’re releasing today from an internal NSA publication,SIDtoday, were subjected to a careful process of research, editorial evaluation, legal review, reporting, redaction, and digital processing. This article explains how that process worked. The Intercept begins publishing Snowden docs Boing Boing by Cory … Read more

Istanbul Has Worst Traffic… İstanbul news roundup:

Istanbul Has Worst Traffic; Los Angeles 10th Worst [REPORT] ValueWalk Istanbul, Turkey has the worst traffic in the worst traffic in the world. A drive that would take 30 mins in average driving conditions takes a solid hour … İstanbul top spot in traffic congestion index in 2014 – Today’s Zaman Istanbul revealed as the most … Read more

Cengiz Aktar (@AktarCengiz): Is Erdogan rewriting history?

Is Erdogan rewriting history?   Rewriting history according to one’s own religious beliefs is a highly controversial and perilous enterprise. Cengiz Aktar Cengiz Aktar is Senior Scholar at Istanbul Policy Center. As a former director at the United Nations where he spent 22 years of his professional life, Aktar is one of the leading advocates … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: Turkey now BANS Wikipedia Turkish entries on Vagina and Human Penis…

You can access particular entries through https:// but not through http:// ……… The Anatomy of Vagina Censorship in Turkey Bianet :: English Wikipedia’s entry in Turkish for “vagina” has been censored. However, both service provider, telecommunication authorities and service providers union deny the situation, leaving the actor and reason of the censorship as mystery. ******************************* Columnist Acquits … Read more

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