An at least 6.6-magnitude earthquake strikes İzmir and some Greek Islands

Turkey earthquake footage captures moment building collapses in İzmir – video World news: Turkey Witnesses capture the moment a building falls in the city of Izmir during a magnitude 6.6 earthquake in Turkey’s Aegean region on Friday. The nation’s disaster agency said the quake occurred at 2.51pm at a depth of 10 miles (16.5km) A gamer's … Read more

Hmmm “Seafloor study proves earthquake risk for the first time in #İstanbul – and more Istanbul news…

Istanbul: Seafloor study proves earthquake risk for the first time Phys.Org  Daily Sabah Seafloor survey confirms earthquake risk near Istanbul – Earthquake risk: researchers measure the voltage under the Bosphorus – The Crypto Coin Discovery Istanbul’s New Mayor Quickly Emerges as a Rival to Erdogan NYT > Turkeyby By Carlotta Gall Ekrem Imamoglu says he intends to use his robust … Read more

Istanbul Has Worst Traffic… İstanbul news roundup:

Istanbul Has Worst Traffic; Los Angeles 10th Worst [REPORT] ValueWalk Istanbul, Turkey has the worst traffic in the worst traffic in the world. A drive that would take 30 mins in average driving conditions takes a solid hour … İstanbul top spot in traffic congestion index in 2014 – Today’s Zaman Istanbul revealed as the most … Read more

At 6 pm. A view of a metrobus station… Istanbul news roundup…

More crowded Metrobüs photos here Monumental: Istanbul’s Dazzling Architecture TIME Istanbul makes all the latest travel hot lists, for good reason. Domed mosques, topped with fairy-tale minarets, anchor scores of neighborhood squares where prayer calls echo down cobbled lanes. Boats of every size navigate the Bosporus Strait, where The Truth About Istanbul – One Of … Read more

Summer 2012 seminar for scholars: Consuming Istanbul: Space, Spectacle and the Politics of Popular Culture

Struggling for the cultural heritage of Istanbul– Majik Sinema to be demolished… **************************   CIEE Announces Summer 2012 International Faculty Development Seminar in Turkey Consuming Istanbul:  Space, Spectacle and the Politics of Popular Culture June 11 ? 22, 2012 <> Program Description: Since the 1980’s, Turkey, in particular Istanbul, has seen unprecedented transformations with the … Read more

the sum of Turkish politics: Van governor calls for urgent aid…

Van governor calls for urgent aid from Hurriyet Dailynews by VAN As search and rescue operations in the eastern province of Van draw to a close, falling temperatures and extreme weather conditions in Van have already taken their toll on the quake victims. Disaster agency fails in Van test from Hurriyet Dailynews by ISTANBUL – … Read more

Van için Rock! Rockers join forces for Van Earthquake survivors; Turkey begins to accept foreign aid…

Main website for the Rock Concert here. On 30 October in Istanbul…  Relatives of victims of an earthquake cries on a street in Ercis, Turkey October 24, 2011. Rescuers pulled survivors from beneath mounds of collapsed buildings and searched for the missing on Monday after a major earthquake killed at least 264 people and wounded … Read more

Sad days for Turkey. Massive earthquake in Van… while Erkan was close to Diyarbakır…

Like PKK’s Hakkari assault, i have not learnt the earthquake thru internet. My brother called me and asked me how I was as the quake was felt from Diyarbakır, too. However, I was about to arrive Diyarbakır from Mardin when the quake happened so i did not feel anything… There isn’t much accurate news and … Read more

Istanbul just had [felt] an earthquake..sort of powerful…

Well, our building has not collapsed but shaken well… MAP 6.0 2011/05/19 20:15:24 39.115 29.124 4.6 WESTERN TURKEY The quake center was not near Istanbul, but it was felt powerfully… here comes an Istanbul news roundup:) ******************************************* Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, seen here in March 2011, has announced plans to build two new … Read more

Japan quake roundup while Turkey forges ahead for nuclear energy…

photo via Forging Ahead on Nuclear Energy in Turkey by By SUSANNE GÜSTEN As governments around the world scramble to freeze or review their nuclear energy programs in response to Japan?s crisis, Turkey announced plans for the first of its own nuclear plants. Japan nuclear crisis: The downside of using sea water to cool reactors … Read more

Activists in Istanbul marched against nuclear power. And a Japan earthquake roundup

Activists march during a protest against the Turkish government’s plans to build a nuclear power plant in the country in Istanbul March 19, 2011. The leaders of Russia and Turkey, calling nuclear energy safe, promised on Wednesday to press ahead with the construction of a Russian atomic power plant in Turkey despite Japan’s nuclear crisis. … Read more

Anxious waiting for Fukushima. A Japan Earthquake roundup…

  Japan: Design of reactors long questioned; seawalls didn’t help from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin Screen capture from video of an explosion at the Fukushima Daichi plant in Japan (Reuters) As Japan nuclear fears spread, so does crowdsourced radiation tracking from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin Above, “Tokyo Geiger Counter,” built with this DIY … Read more

Japan Earthquake and social media. A developing roundup

  Japan: ?Why do we need nuclear power?? from Global Voices Online by Solana Larsen BBC News – Footage of blast at Japan nuclear power plant Old Feud Lost During Disaster, Korean Responses to Japan Quake from Global Voices Online by Lee Yoo Eun Facebook Causes Rallies Help For Japan?s Tsunami from All Facebook by … Read more

Spanish Artist Muntadas’ movie on Istanbul

Istanbul Movie by Spanish Artist Muntadas on the Web from Bianet :: English The movie about myths and stereotypes in Istanbul made by renowned Spanish artist Antoni Muntadas in cooperation with Açık Radio will be shown at a gala ceremony on 7 October in the Istanbul Modern museum. Before that, the movie can be viewed … Read more

Rick Steves: Praying and partying in the streets of Istanbul

Levent/Istanbul. Big business district. via Praying and partying in the streets of Istanbul Seattle Times Istanbul is more than 90 percent Muslim. My most recent trip here happened to coincide with Ramadan. During this time, the Muslim faith seems even more … Turkish soap opera Noor brings tourist boom to Istanbul The Guardian Noor, starring … Read more