Such disgrace… Turkey’s Constitutional Court finally calls for Turkey to lift block #Wikipedia…

Wikipedia ban: Top court calls for Turkey to lift block BBC News | Europe | World Edition The Constitutional Court rules that the country’s block on accessing Wikipedia is unconstitutional. Constitutional Court says Wikipedia ban is violation of rights Turkey’s Constitutional Court ruled against the ban on access to Wikipedia, saying that it violates rights … Read more

Well, “Wikipedia takes Turkey to European human rights court over ban

Wikipedia takes Turkey to European human rights court over ban The Financial Times – Laura Pitel in Istanbul – May 23, 6:19 AM Wikipedia is taking Turkey to Europe’s top human rights court as it escalates a two-year battle to overturn a ban on the site in the country. The Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit that runs … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: Turkey now BANS Wikipedia Turkish entries on Vagina and Human Penis…

You can access particular entries through https:// but not through http:// ……… The Anatomy of Vagina Censorship in Turkey Bianet :: English Wikipedia’s entry in Turkish for “vagina” has been censored. However, both service provider, telecommunication authorities and service providers union deny the situation, leaving the actor and reason of the censorship as mystery. ******************************* Columnist Acquits … Read more

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