Journalism agenda: NYT’s Slack bot; Investments to Buzzfeed…

The New York Times built a Slack bot to help decide which stories to post to social media  Nieman Journalism Lab by Shan Wang The New York Times publishes more than 300 stories each day. Which ones should editors feature on its many social media channels? While the humans behind the Times’ social media accounts have … Read more

Istanbul Has Worst Traffic… İstanbul news roundup:

Istanbul Has Worst Traffic; Los Angeles 10th Worst [REPORT] ValueWalk Istanbul, Turkey has the worst traffic in the worst traffic in the world. A drive that would take 30 mins in average driving conditions takes a solid hour … İstanbul top spot in traffic congestion index in 2014 – Today’s Zaman Istanbul revealed as the most … Read more

Kickstarter passes $1 billion in pledges… Cyberculture agenda…

Kickstarter passes $1 billion in pledges, with more than half pledged in the last 12 months   Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has passed $1 billion in pledges nearly four years after it made its debut on April 28, 2009. More than half of the $1 billion was pledged in the last 12 months alone, a testimony … Read more

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