Davos summit continues without the Turkish state

here is a twitter hashtag for Davos summit: #WEF

The international dimension: Turkey should use, not lose, Davos

How long should ?one minute? really last? Let us travel back in time. I remember all too well where I was writing my analysis of last year?s events with regard to Davos 2009.

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!f istanbul starts soon (11-21 Feb)

Independent film festival !f istanbul’s 2010 session will take place btw 11-21 February. Two Fbook groups for the festival: !f istanbul and !f istanbul 2010 film önerileri. Official website:  !f istanbul 2010 Independent films coming to !f in Istanbul and Ankara – Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review !f İstanbul festival announces glittering bill for … Read more

CEAUSSIC continues its work.

CEAUSSIC: Ethics Casebook

from American Anthropological Association by Brian
Dr. Laura McNamara

?The AAA?s Ad Hoc Commission on Anthropology?s Engagement with the Security and Intelligence Communities (CEAUSSIC) continues its work. Our main activities at present include: 1. the writing of a report to the AAA on the widely and hotly debated Human Terrain System of the U.S. Army, 2. The editing of a casebook illustrating the diversity of kinds of practicing anthropology, including associated ethical questions, with a primary emphasis upon the security sector broadly conceived, 3. And providing support for the AAA?s ongoing ethics process. In an effort to keep our work transparent and part of the public and disciplinary discussion of all of the above, CEAUSSIC is also going to be contributing a monthly entry to the AAA?s blog. Each entry, by different CEAUSSIC members, will address topics that have arisen or that we have been thinking about, which we will continue to discuss via the blog, a discussion in which we hope you will also participate.?

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R.I.P. for Howard Zinn

Wikipedia entry for him. Howard Zinn, RIP from Boing Boing by David Pescovitz Howard Zinn, radical historian, professor, and author, has died. He was 87. Boston Globe obituary (Thanks, Gil Kaufman) Howard Zinn, historian who challenged status quo, dies at 87 – Local News Updates – The Boston Globe a good roundup here: Obituary: Howard … Read more

“Draft Law Pending – Children in Prison and on Trial

Draft Law Pending – Children in Prison and on Trial

from Bianet :: English
A court sentenced a 15-year old girl to 8 years imprisonment. Tanrıseven and Aktaş from the Batman and Diyarbakır Bar Association respectively urged the goverment to pass necessary legal amendments as soon as possible. However, these changes will still be insufficient to protect the children.

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iPad emerges as Erkan plays with his humble Sony Reader

A few days ago, I got a Sony Reader as a gift from Ayhan. It is a way modest gadget compared to iPad but still I love it. It has immediately boosted my reading level which had been down lately. Well, with something like iPad, e-reading will be even more sensational, i guess…

Best Coverage, Tweets of Apple iPad Event

from MediaShift

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A new study on Germany’s Muslims

New Study Looks at Challenges Faced by Germany’s Muslims

By Sheila Lalwani in Berlin

It’s no secret that many immigrants have a hard time in Germany. A new study has found that women wearing headscarves have a particularly hard time on the job market and a quarter of those with Turkish backgrounds face discrimination when looking for work.

It is early afternoon at Internet Treffpunkt, a convenience store in Kreuzberg, a neighborhood in Berlin that is home to many Turks and other minorities. Hedi Dashti, the store’s proprietor, is busy. One customer hands over her parcel to send through his DHL counter. Another customer buys cigarettes. The door swings open, ushering in the blustery winter wind, and a third customer waves hello.

in other news:

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“Freedom House: freedom declines again

Freedom House: freedom declines again

from FP Passport by Joshua Keating

Freedom House released its 2010 Freedom in the World survey, which sadly, shows overall freedom declining around the world for the fourth straight year. The report designates a total of 89 countries as free, 58 as partly free, and 47 as not free. Last week, I asked Freedom House Director of Research Arch Puddington about some of the more surprising developments from this year in freedom:

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Gen. Başbuğ’s last angry performance

There is something artificial in Gen. Başbuğ’s “angry”ness. Despite fisting the table, there is something I still did not feel that he was that angry. It was a performance, not too many buys. He comes to use rhetorical devices:”Our soldiers charge into battle crying out ‘Allah, Allah’,” he said, banging his fist on the table. … Read more

The Brookings Institution report on the Obama Administration?s First Year

The Status Report: Assessing the Obama Administration?s First Year
Source: The Brookings Institution

During the presidential transition, Brookings scholars wrote a series of policy recommendations in 12 memos to incoming President Barack Obama. In January 2010, one year into the new presidency, our experts rated the progress of the new administration on those same issues in The Status Report, a series of daily commentary and video.

Each of the items below provides an assessment of President Obama?s performance in light of recommendations made during the Presidential Transition.

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Hagia Sophia finally free of scaffolds (after 17 years) (#istanbul2010)

Ayasofya 17 yıl sonra iskelesiz
Hagia Sophia restoration ends after 17 years. Today last pieces of Scaffolding was removed at Hagia Sophia.

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Anthro research hit the news: Don’t trust the number of Facebook friends:)

Well, as a person who has more than a thousand friends in Facebook, I had already experienced that, now we scientify it (!):

Brain Can’t Handle More Than 150 Facebook Friends Finds Oxford Boffin
A professor of Evolutionary Anthropology at Oxford University has found out that human beings are physically limited to being able to link up and manage up

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Despite web censorship, Turks are heavy social media users

Here is the latest news on Turks into social media: Turkey: The land that embraced Facebook, FriendFeed and startups ……… Furthermore, last year ComScore released a report showing Turkey has the third most engaged online audience in the world, with 30 hours spent online each month ? that?s actually behind the US and Canada. See … Read more

R.I.P. for an exceptional Turk, Şakir Eczacıbaşı.

Among the rich families of Turkey Eczacıbaşı family is exceptional. No other families can challenge Eczacıbaşı in the amount of investment in arts and cultural fields. But not only in terms of investment, this family is exceptionally urban,  modern and politically liberal in their reactions and positionings. One of their leading members, Şakir Eczacıbaşı, passed … Read more

Erkan’s novel reading spree

I am about to finish reading Murat Menteş’ last novel. This is the last of a series of quality novels I have been reading. He has earned quite a fame in Turkey and he deserves it. Good geeky appropriation of popular culture images. All other novels are award winning novels and I would recommend all … Read more

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