Euro roundup: The euro crisis is back

MAIN FOCUS: EU budget power games | 17/11/2010

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Negotiations on the EU Budget in Brussels have met with resistance from several member countries and run aground. The press complains that this wrangling for power blocks important new projects in the EU.

Barroso’s case of the Budget Blues

by Open Europe blog team

After a tumultuous five-plus-months of discussions, EU negotiations over the 2011 budget broke down two days ago, leaving an array of despondent MEPs, Commissioners and eurocrats to lament a ‘budgetary crisis’.

Ireland the Symbol and Sovereignty the Ideal

from The European Citizen by Eurocentric

For a small country, Ireland has been a very symbollic country in the world. As an oppressed nation under an empire, as a rebellious and feircely independent people, as an example of the terrible consequences of famine, as one of the “angelic states” (very supportive of the UN & UN missions), as what a small country could achieve in the EU, and as a model for how to deal with the economic crisis. It seems we’ve been good at promoting our own version of history, but Ireland the symbol has become internationalised, and – especially now – Ireland is an example to be held up in argument.

Europe heads back into the storm

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The eurozone is hurtling back toward contagious defaults. Its fumbling approach to the instability of Irish banking leaves little hope that other ticking bombs are going to be disarmed

MAIN FOCUS: The euro crisis is back | 18/11/2010

from euro|topics

Ireland is set to request financial help from the EU rescue fund, Portugal is thinking of doing the same and Spain may also be sucked under by the debt crisis. The euro is once more under pressure and is dragging the EU into a crisis which commentators say could be the end of the union.

Question for Eurozone finance ministers

from A Fistful Of Euros » A Fistful Of Euros by P O Neill

Today in the lower house of the Irish parliament, Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan repeated a statement that he made on Irish radio yesterday concerning European endorsement of the Irish government?s policies in relation to the banking crisis.  Specifically, he told the house (around 9 minute mark)

Europe’s Civil War

from U.S.A.K. Blog by USAK


After the HSBC Bank and British Consulate General attacks of Al Qaeda in Istanbul, the British held a series of meetings in order to understand the reasons of the shocking events and prevent the possible future attacks. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ihsan Bal and I participated at the meetings as representatives of the USAK (International Strategic Research Organisation) in one of these meetings in 2004 Autumn. Ambassador of UK to Ankara, Consulate General of UK to Istanbul, security advisors to British PM Tony Blair, representatives and experts of the House of Commons were also present at the meetings. Intelligence officials, diplomats and security experts tried to give advice to the Turks as well as seeking advise how to prevent the possible attacks.

The price of German leadership

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Divisions among Europe’s leaders, and their inability to stabilise the euro, have damaged the EU’s reputation. Charles Grant discusses European leadership at a time of peril for the euro

Ireland continues to refuse bail-out help

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Preparations for possible future support ?intensifying?

‘Technical talks’ or a done deal?

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Irish officials continued to insist that simply allowing the team to come to Dublin for talks did not inevitably mean a bail-out was in the offing

EU Stockholm Programme heresy?

by Grahnlaw

Yesterday I wondered if EU theology needed to introduce the term ?limbo? to explain the whereabouts of the Action Plan Implementing the Stockholm Programme (entry in Swedish; use Google translation and the sources in English or your own language if you are interested): Handlingsplanen för Stockholmsprogrammet: I limbo? (16 November 2010)

Anger at Germany boils over

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Chancellor Angela Merkel is being accused of putting many of her fellow eurozone leaders in untenable positions in order to reinforce her own standing at home

Barroso ‘extremely disappointed’ over budget collapse

from – Headline News

Power to the Parliament

by Open Europe blog team

Open Europe has just hosted a debate on the Coalition Government’s proposed ‘referendum lock’ with Europe Minister David Lidington. A write-up and recording of the event will be put on our events page shortly. But in the meantime, two thoughts:

Swede to chair EU security body

from European Voice – RSS – News & analysis
Olof Skoog appointed to Political and Security Committee.

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