Belated news from euroblogging. The most Influential left-of-centre European Blogs etc

The most Influential left-of-centre European Blogs: And the winner is?

from Social Europe Journal by SEJ

First of all thanks to everyone who voted in our ballot to establish for the first time what the most influential left-of-centre European blogs are. We wanted to avoid a SEJ bias as far as possible and therefore notified all nominees and asked them to campaign for themselves. And here are the results:

1. Social Europe Journal

2. PES:Renew

3. Jon Worth?s Euroblog

4. The Honeyball Buzz

5. Eurosocialist

Apparently this is a reasonably influential centre left blog(?)

from Jon Worth

A Fistful of Euros (
Åsa Westlund (
The Cedar Lounge Revolution (
Coulisses de Bruxelles (
Dear Kitty. Some Blog (
Erkan?s Field Diary (
Glenis Willmott (
Grahnlaw (
The Honeyball Buzz (
Irish Left Review (
The European Citizen (
European Tribune (
Eurosocialist (
Jon Worth?s Euroblog (
Kreisie (
Nachdenkseiten (
PES Re:new (
Social Europe Journal (

Revolution in the blogosphere: Tom Harris and Eric Joyce in controversy , Gerry Hassan

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Gerry Hassan

Two significant moments in the British political blogosphere: Tom Harris?s declaration that he is retiring from writing a blog, and Eric Joyce?s attack on voters as ?liars? and then subsequent qualification/semi-withdrawal.

Should libertarians read quality Euroblogs?

by Grahnlaw

I try to promote quality blogs about European affairs by suggestions to the readers of my blogs and to my friends on Facebook. Mostly they are Euroblogs I follow and listed among the now 698 blogs aggregated by the multilingual

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