“Facebook increases face-to-face socializing” and a roundup….

Yahoo?s Acquisition Strategy: Technology, Content and Users (Plus Moms and Babies)

from Mashable! by Ben Parr

The New Facebook Messages: A Walkthrough [SCREENSHOTS]

from Mashable! by Ben Parr

Study: Facebook increases face-to-face socializing

from All Facebook by Meredith Singer

Do you ever worry about your preference to message a friend over Facebook then talk to them in person? Do you write on your roomate?s Facebook wall instead of wandering across the hall to talk to them? If this sounds like you don?t worry ? these are all perfectly social behaviors according to a new Australian study.

Saudi Arabia Says Facebook Ban Was An ?Error?

from All Facebook by Jorge Cino

A few days ago we reported that Saudi Arabia had blocked and unblocked access to Facebook for a few hours. They are now claiming it was a mistake.

Sorry, Malcolm Gladwell, the revolution may well be tweeted | Leo Mirani | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk


Ending the Web Privacy Stalemate – DoNotTrack.Us

from Stanford Center for Internet and Society by Jonathan Mayer

The web privacy debate is stuck. Privacy proponents decry the diffusion of behavioral advertising and tracking services (1, 2, 3); industry coalitions respond by expounding the merits of personalized content and advertising revenue (1, 2). But for the average user, the arguments are academic: there is no viable technology for opting out of web tracking. A registry of tracking services, like privacy advocates proposed years ago, is cumbersome and unmanageable. Fiddling with cookies, as many advertising networks and anti-regulation advocates recommend, is an incomplete and temporary fix; both Google and NAI (an advertising industry association) have already moved away from opt-out cookies.

?Bullying? Has Little Resonance with Teenagers

from apophenia by zephoria

Ever had one of dem days you wish woulda stayed home / Run into a
group of niggas who getting they hate on / You walk by they get wrong you reply
then shit get blown / Way outta proportion way past discussion / Just you
against them, pick one then rush em / Figure you get jumped here thats next /
They don?t wanna stop there now they bustin / Now you gushin, ambulance rushin
you to the hospital / with a bad concussion / Plus ya hit 4 times bullet hit ya
spine paralyzed waist down / now ya wheel chair bound / Never mind that now you lucky to be alive.
? T.I. ?Dead and Gone?

Facebook Social Inbox: Always-On Messaging With People You Care About

from All Facebook by Nick O’Neill

If there?s anything to take away from today?s announcement from Facebook, it?s that the company has not released a direct competitor to Gmail or any other messaging provider. Instead, Facebook?s Social Inbox is a messaging platform for interacting with the people you care about.

Could Facebook Become the Basis for Artificial Intelligence?

from Mashable! by Ben Parr

Ten things to try on Google TV

from Google TV Blog by bohnet

We?ve just posted these tips to our Help Center and we thought our readers would find them useful too.

1. Search using the Quick Search Box
Quick Search Box (QSB) makes scrolling through channels a thing of the
past. Press the search key and harness Google?s search power to discover
TV offerings and web content. Navigate anywhere you want to go– type
in a URL in to surf the web, or type in a channel name to go there
instantly. With the QSB, you can:

Fascinating Social Media Facts of Year 2010

from social media vb by Sorav Jain

REPORT: 50 Percent Of SMBs Block Facebook At Work

from All Facebook by Meredith Singer

Do you have access to Facebook at work? If you do, you might be one of the lucky ones.  Research by Internet security company, Webroot, found more small to medium-sized businesses are creating Internet policies to prevent workers from going on social media sites during the 9-to-5 slog.

How to Control Your Privacy With Foursquare and Other Geoloaction Services

from Social Media Examiner by Peter Wylie

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