A column linking Turkish Airlines’ new routes to new Turkish foreign policy…

Axis of Turkey and new routes of Turkish Airlines!

from U.S.A.K. Blog by USAK


13 November 2010

It is no secret that Washington is the capital where debate on Turkey?s axis is hottest, particularly after Turkey?s ?no? vote at the UN Security Council and the Mavi Marmara incident. This confusion, amplified especially by contributions from Israel?s friends in the US political arena and media biz, is said to rule in Congress.

UK still cheerleader of Turkey’s EU bid

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Britain has not downed the pom-poms for Turkey?s bid to become a European Union member, the country?s state minister for EU affairs has said.

Readers consider Turkey unwelcome in the EU | Reader Response | Deutsche Welle | 12.11.2010

A Counterpoint to the Ubiquitous Turk-bashing in Germany

Austrian press likens Turkish envoy to debated German figure

Turkey undecided over NATO missile defense shield on its soil – Turkish PM | World | RIA Novosti

Turkey, Between Rocks and Hard Places – Maha Atal – Foreign Exchange – Forbes


I?ve been preoccupied lately with stories about Turkey: about the crackdown on YouTube!, about dramatic economic growth ; about the ongoing fallout of its clash with Israel over the Gaza aid flotilla this summer; about renewed debate inside the EU over Turkish accession; and about NATO?s plan to shift its defense shield from Eastern Europe to Turkey. All of this was percolating in the back of my mind until a week ago, when the Kurdish separatist PKK set off a bomb in Istanbul. By coincidence, my mother was in Istanbul at the time, and so the story jumped out from the usual barrage of bomb blast accounts in my daily news feed. [Don’t worry, she’s fine.]”

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