What the heck has Obama done so far?

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America?s world: salesman and missionary, Godfrey Hodgson

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Godfrey Hodgson

Charles de Gaulle liked to say that a statesman should not be a demandeur; should not ask for favours, but should be in a position to say no. He knew what he was talking about, having had to do a lot of asking in France?s desperate years after the fall of 1940, and having got a good deal of mileage out of saying no when the tables turned.

The humans behind the Tea Party : the US as seen by the Hassans of Middle America, Gerry Hassan

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Gerry Hassan

America has always fascinated me ? from its music, culture and sit-coms to its politics.

At the same time I have become more bemused and mystified in recent years at the way American politics is portrayed and understood across Britain.

US elections: the bad boys are back !

from Blogactiv by David Mekkaoui

American midterm elections have given Republicans 231 seats out of a total of 435 in Congress, whilst the Democrats retained limited control of the Senate

Religion and the midterm elections

from The Immanent Frame by The Editors

Set against a backdrop of continued economic distress, the emerging Tea Party movement, and mercurial public opinion of President Obama, many observers correctly predicted that this month?s elections would effect a reconfiguration of partisan power in Congress and among the governorships.

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