What the heck has Obama done so far?

a nice ad here ***************** America?s world: salesman and missionary, Godfrey Hodgson from open Democracy News Analysis – by Godfrey Hodgson Charles de Gaulle liked to say that a statesman should not be a demandeur; should not ask for favours, but should be in a position to say no. He knew what he was talking … Read more

Turkish columnists discuss US election results…

US Election 2010: Obama lost the terms of debate and a large segment of white women, Ruth Rosen from open Democracy News Analysis – by Ruth Rosen In the wake of the election, progressive movements and their members are debating what went wrong.  Some say the media amplified the bizarre statements of the Tea Party.  … Read more

US Midterm elections roundup

US Midterm Predictions from Stephen Spillane by Stephen Image via Wikipedia As promised yesterday, here are some predictions for the US Midterms. US Midterm Elections from Stephen Spillane by So Tuesday is the first electoral test faced by President Obama, since his election in 2008. That year also saw much celebration by the Democrats as … Read more

the Tea Party follows Obama, uses Digital Media to gain power…

How the Tea Party Utilized Digital Media to Gain Power from MediaShift The biggest story of the U.S. midterm election has been the growing influence of the Tea Party movement. Since their first rallies in early 2009, these vocal, visible conservatives have succeeded in shifting the center of American political discourse to the right. This … Read more