Cyberculture agenda: “Lessons from the Digital Classroom

Technologists and venture capitalists are betting that the data online learning generates will reshape education.


Hacking Team Leak Shows How Secretive Zero-Day Exploit Sales Work

It was not easy for Hacking Team to buy zero-day exploits to sell to governments.


The Washington Post editorial board lost its mind and called on the National Academy of Sciences to examine “the conflict” over whether crypto backdoors can be made safe: the problem is, there’s no conflict.

Some 1.6 billion of them are yours, courtesy of

When moderators attack

redditThe New York Times’s Adrian Chen reports on what happens when websites rely on unpaid labor to police their communities: trouble, such as Reddit becoming useless for days as the landscape of control shifts and cracks.
It’s never been more important to include paid social media as part of your digital marketing strategy. Between the completely ineffective reach of organic content on Facebook, the ridiculous potential exposure offered by Twitter, and the amount of time prospective customers spend on social media every week, if you’re not advertising on social, you’re seriously missing out.
Dead name: why Facebook is wrong about who we are

For me the legal barriers that block living authentically are upsetting. But for others they are downright dangerous.

Vanity Fair notably chose to run with the headline Vanity Fair notably chose to run with the headline “Call me Caitlyn”. Credit: Demotix/Richard Levine.

How do you play a game on Instagram? It’s just images and captions, there’s no way of doing the things you need to do to play a game, right? You’d think so, but as part of a new promotion for Adult Swim cartoon “Rick and Morty”,
With Instagram, as with any social media platform, if you don’t follow a few simple rules, you could find that you are wasting money and time on it. Here’s a short guide on how to to start, develop and use Instagram as an engagement and lead generation tool.
Reddit, Ellen Pao, and the false neutrality of ‘free speech’

It would be disingenuous to look at what happened to former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao without factoring in endemic sexism and racism. ‘Free speech’ has to mean a space where everyone is safe to speak.

Facebook Algorithm Change (2015): Did Your Brand Benefit?

Back in April, when Facebook updated its algorithm back in April (2015), rather than simply post what changed, I decided to break down what each change in the latest Facebook algorithm meant for brand pages.

There are lots of ways that government spies can attack your computer, but a U.S. drone company is scheming to offer them one more. Boeing subsidiary Insitu would like to be able to deliver spyware via drone.

The plan is described in internal emails from the Italian company Hacking Team, which makes off-the-shelf software that can remotely infect a suspect’s computer or smartphone, accessing files and recording calls, chats, emails and more. A hacker attacked the Milan-based firm earlier this month and released hundreds of gigabytes of company information online.

The focus on terror has distorted the debate on encryption (blog)
Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan,Turkey. The list is a long one … Team software, too. The UK is a notable absence: leaked emails published on WikiLeaks show our government trialled the kit but the purchase never happened.

There’s a New Sheriff in Reddit Town

A boomtown in the middle of a gold rush, Reddit attracts a reported 163 million monthly users. Like most boomtowns, it’s long been a virtually lawless place. Its official list of rules has always been spare and brief, less a code of law than a hastily scribbled note nailed to a hitching post. But there’s a new sheriff in town, and he’s looking to change things. The trouble is that they may not be changing for the better. To the contrary, they’re probably about get much, much worse.

A Sharing Economy Star Shuts Down as Labor Issues Simmer

In what could be the first domino, on-demand housecleaning service Homejoy shuts down after facing a cash shortage and labor lawsuits.

Google Backs Open Source System In Cloud Battle with Amazon

Google needs to do everything it can to convince companies not to think of Amazon first when they need services in the cloud.

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