“Turkey left with no obvious regional ally… A FP roundup…

Turkey left with no obvious regional ally

Relations with the Middle East and the EU are in a parlous state as Erdogan faces many problems not of his own making and apparently without solutions

Fitch director warns Turkey of perfect storm

The Turkish economy now appears to be out of an immediate danger from any balance of payments crisis, but a perfect storm remains a possible if distant prospect, warns Senior Director of Fitch Ratings Rawkins


NATO member Turkey selects Chinese firm for air defense system

Ankara has granted a long-awaited defense tender to Chinese bidders

Iran, UN atomic agency in first talks since Rouhani election

Iran and the United States held their highest-level substantive talks in a generation on Thursday


U.S. and Turkey to Create Fund to Stem Extremism

The $200 million fund aims to undercut the ideological and recruiting appeal of jihadists in places like Somalia, Yemen and Pakistan, State Department officials said.

Turquie ? L?émergent à la portée des entreprisesfrançaises

Prospective et entreprise (CCI Paris Ile-de-France), No. 21, Septembre 2013 Romain Saudrais À la rentrée 2013, la CCI Paris Ile-de-France publie dans la collection Prospective & Entreprise un ouvrage consacré aux opportunités d?affaires présentes sur le marché turc : « Turquie, l?Émergent à la portée des entreprises françaises ». L?objectif de cette publication est de

US, Russia agree landmark UN resolution on Syria

The United States and Russia will on Sept. 26 submit a landmark resolution on destroying Syria’s chemical weapons to the U.N. Security Council



Perceptions on the Middle East should adapt to the new reality, President Gül says

The Middle East is experiencing a ‘geopolitical transformation,’ and perceptions about the region have to be adapted to the new reality on the ground, Abdullah Gül said

Turkey dismisses NATO allies? bids, selects Chinese firm for air defense system tender

Ankara has granted a long-awaited defense tender to Chinese bidders


Ruling AKP?s foreign policy is war-oriented: Main opposition CHP

The main opposition Republican People?s Party (CHP) has criticized the government?s foreign policy for being ?war-oriented?

Are Young Women Really Racing to Syria’s Front Lines to Wage Sex Jihad?

It’s the story that launched 1,000 headlines. And it’s not hard to see why: Tunisian Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddou announced last week that Tunisian women were traveling to Syria to wage “sex jihad,” where they were having sex with “20, 30, [or] 100” militants, before returning pregnant to Tunisia.

MAIN FOCUS: Iran seeks dialogue in nuclear conflict | 27/09/2013

The five veto powers in the UN Security Council and Germany have agreed with Iran on a solution to the nuclear dispute. After a first meeting on Thursday in New York, talks are set to resume in mid October. The West must respond to Tehran‘s course of reconciliation, commentators urge, but warn against putting too much hope in Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani.

Chemical experts to complete work in Syria Monday: UN

A team of UN experts investigating alleged chemical weapons attacks in Syria expects to complete its in-country work

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