Best defense is a good offense: “Turkey ‘fed up with’ EU’s arrogant attitude”

Turkey ‘fed up with’ EU’s arrogant attitude Ankara expresses its irritation at the EU’s attitude toward Turkey, saying it will go to the people to decide on the future of relations Erdoğan hits back at Schulz, hints at Turkish referendum on EU membership bid President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has blasted European Parliament President Martin Schulz over his … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: Turkey rated ‘not free’ [Again] in internet freedom in new Freedom House report…

Report here Turkey rated ‘not free’ in internet freedom in new Freedom House report Internet freedom in Turkey has been rated “not free” in the latest annual report by the Washington-based watchdog Freedom House, a downgrade from its “party free” status last year Message of Solidarity From Margaret Atwood to Aslı Erdoğan on PEN’s Day of The … Read more

“Turkish lira hits lowest level since at least 1981”

  Turkish lira hits lowest level since at least 1981 Subscribe to read: Turkish lira hits lowest level since at least 1981 Already a subscriber? Sign in here Free delivery to your home or office, Monday to Saturday FT Weekend – a stimulating blend of news and lifestyle Unlimited access to all content What … Read more

After leadership arrests, Turkey’s HDP decides to halt parliamentary works….

Turkey’s HDP decides to halt parliamentary works after arrest of deputies The Kurdish issue-focused Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) has decided to halt all its parliamentary works following the arrest of nine of its lawmakers, including co-chairs Selahattin Demirtaş and Figen Yüksekdağ, private broadcaster CNN Türk has reported. Turkey’s crackdown on Cumhuriyet shows true extent of Erdogan’s wrath … Read more

co-Leader of Demirtaş: #MutlakaKazanacağız [We will definitely win] as he was arrested…

‘Only my electorate can question me’: HDP Twelve People’s Democratic Party (HDP) lawmakers detained on Nov. 4 gave a joint defense that was prepared when the immunity of the representatives were lifted by a parliamentary vote in June, to prosecutors, the party has said, underlining that they can only questioned by the people that elected them … Read more

As police raids HDP protesters, “PM Admits Deliberate Internet Cut Off”

PM Admits Deliberate Internet Cut Off Bianet :: English About Internet cut off, PM Yıldırım has said that things will return to normal “after the threat is parried”. Problems in access to social media in Turkey a ‘security measure,’ says PM The slowdown in internet connection experienced throughout Turkey are a “security measure” taken by the government, … Read more

Nearly all the leadership of pro-Kurdish HDP is detained and massive internet shutdown follows…

Turkey arrests pro-Kurdish party leaders amid claims of internet shutdown  World news: Turkey | Selahattin Demirtaş, HDP co-leader known as the ‘Kurdish Obama’, held with at least 11 MPs as post-coup crackdown continues The two joint leaders of Turkey’s pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic party (HDP) have been detained along with at least 10 MPs because of … Read more

“International coalition slams Cumhuriyet arrests, media closures”

International coalition slams Cumhuriyet arrests, media closures – Silvia Morales – Nov 2 A coalition of 14 leading international press freedom and freedom of expression organisations today condemned as an “extraordinary attack on press freedom” the jailing of top journalists with Turkey’s Cumhuriyet newspaper and the via Can Turkey’s Democracy Survive President Erdogan? … Read more

Solidarity with Cumhuriyet continues… #TeslimOlmayız

Images From Solidarity Demonstration for Cumhuriyet daily  Bianet :: English Readers of Cumhuriyet daily, its journalists and many others have advocated the “right to information” in a demonstration. US, Europe criticize Turkey over Cumhuriyet raids, detentions The detention of executives and columnists from the critical daily Cumhuriyet newspaper has been criticized by officials from the United States … Read more

Black Monday: Cumhuriyet daily raided, its chief editor and many columnists detained…

Prominent #Cumhuriyet columnist & #Turkey rep for @globalfreemedia @KadriGursel reported among journos slated for detention.His house raided — Amberin Zaman (@amberinzaman) October 31, 2016 Cumhuriyet is one of the last reporting newspapers in Turkey; I do not say even say oppositional-just reporting. — Sezin Öney (@SezinOney) October 31, 2016   Turkish police … Read more

As bad as it gets… “Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Co-Mayors Kışınak and Anlı in Custody”

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Co-Mayors Kışınak and Anlı in Custody  Bianet :: English Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality co-Mayors Gültan Kışınak and Fırat Anlı have been taken into custody. Turkey detains co-mayors of mainly Kurdish city of Diyarbakir Reuters – Oct 25, 3:58 PM ANKARA Turkish police on Tuesday detained the co-mayors of the mainly Kurdish southeast’s biggest city, … Read more

AL JAZEERA says “Turkey confirms military involvement in Mosul, Hürriyet says “No Turkish troops to be sent to Mosul…

 No Turkish troops to be sent to Mosul: Ankara   Ankara rules out Turkish troops participation in a ground offensive to retake Mosul but float the idea of a safe zone for refugees and security Battle for Mosul: Turkey confirms military involvement  AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (IN DEPTH) PM Yildrim confirms Turkish involvement in Iraq’s second largest city … Read more

Campaigns in solidarity with journalists in Turkey…

Turkey: Press freedom is essential for democracy, set journalism free! In partnership with the International Federation of Journalists, which represents 600,000 journalists in 179 unions in 140 countries. It fights for journalists’ rights and media freedom. Hundreds of journalists have been arrested, sacked and Turkey: State of emergency provisions violate human rights and… · … Read more

So far excluded but… “Turkey cannot be excluded from Mosul operation: Erdoğan”

Turkey cannot be excluded from Mosul operation: Erdoğan Ankara cannot be excluded from the operation launched to retake the Iraqi city of Mosul from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Oct. 17 PM Yıldırım says Turkey joined air strikes in Mosul operation Turkey has joined air strikes by … Read more

A poll sums it all: ” Turks somehow liberal on rhetoric but not in practice”

Poll: Turks somehow liberal on rhetoric but not in practice “We came up with a set of questions related to liberal values and tried to figure out whether Turkey is indeed, as some outsiders might perceive, a country devoid of liberalism, or whether liberal and democratic values have in fact taken root in Turkish society,” writes … Read more