“International coalition slams Cumhuriyet arrests, media closures”

freemedia.at – Silvia Morales – Nov 2

A coalition of 14 leading international press freedom and freedom of expression organisations today condemned as an “extraordinary attack on press freedom” the jailing of top journalists with Turkey’s Cumhuriyet newspaper and the



nytimes.com – The Editorial Board – Nov 1, 6:08 PM

What is unnerving in President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s march to authoritarianism is how dismally familiar it is: the coup that becomes a pretext for a massive roundup of real and imagined enemies; the claims to be the one man who can withstand the

opendemocracy.net – Latif Tas – Nov 2

Dedicated to Aydın Engin, or “uncle Aydın”, and all jailed writers and journalists in Turkey. The arrest of Aydin Engin, Turkish journalist, playwright, writer, politician, in the raid of 12 leading staff of Cumhuriyet


theguardian.com – Maeve Shearlaw – Nov 1

Two thousand cases of online harassment, smear campaigns and hacking by pro-government ‘lynch mobs’ logged in 2016


al-monitor.com – Oct 31, 1:58 AM

Author: Mahmut Bozarslan October 31, 2016 DIYARBAKIR, Turkey — I was in a clothing shop on the main street of Yenisehir district when a customer came in. After he finished shopping, he went to the cashier and wanted to pay with his credit


LITTLE MORE than a decade ago, Turkey appeared to be an emerging democracy with vibrant civil society and somewhat independent media. No longer. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has abandoned democracy and is building a strongman cult of personality

The European Parliament has called on Ankara to release all journalists in prison without proof of alleged involvement in the July 15 failed coup attempt.
According to a Human Rights report published on Tuesday prisoners were tortured and abused after the failed coup in July. The state of emergency declared by the government after the coup is still in force today. Commentators observe a climate of fear in Turkey and criticise the EU’s failure to exert pressure on the government.
Bülent Tezcan, the deputy chairman of Turkey’s main opposition CHP, has been wounded, daily Hürriyet reported on its website
The results of the three-month joint project “Media Ownership Monitor (MOM) Turkey” run by IPS Communication Foundation/ bianet and Reporter ohne Grenzen, have been were presented.

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