English PEN (@englishpen) Campaign: “Release Ahmet Şık”

Turkey: Release Ahmet Şık English PEN – Cat Lucas – Jan 6, 7:46 AM We, the undersigned, call for the immediate release of award-winning investigative journalist and author Ahmet Şık and other writers detained in violation of their right to freedom of expression in Turkey. Following his detention on 29   Turkey in grip of fear … Read more

Black Monday: Cumhuriyet daily raided, its chief editor and many columnists detained…

Prominent #Cumhuriyet columnist & #Turkey rep for @globalfreemedia @KadriGursel reported among journos slated for detention.His house raided — Amberin Zaman (@amberinzaman) October 31, 2016 https://twitter.com/sahmetsahmet/status/792975635086016512 Cumhuriyet is one of the last reporting newspapers in Turkey; I do not say even say oppositional-just reporting. https://t.co/ngJDZK575D — Sezin Öney (@SezinOney) October 31, 2016 https://twitter.com/dlepeska/status/792969946942799872   Turkish police … Read more

Strange days. “DW interview with Turkish youth minister seized” but ministry refutes…

DW interview with Turkish youth minister seized by ministry The record of an interview with Turkish Youth and Sports Minister Akif Çağatay Kılıç that was slated to be published for a program on Deutsche Welle (DW) has been seized by ministry officials after the interview was completed Turkish Sports Ministry refutes claims on seizure of DW interview … Read more

After 9 years, new footage that proves some state officials’ involvement in Hrant Dink Assassination leaked…

The day Hrant Dink was assassinated, this blog turned to be a critical one, we always knew state was involved in one way or another, but only after the political fratricide, we can get a little bit of documentation. There is  possibly more footage that might be leaked soon… Footage reveals further evidence in Dink probe against … Read more

“Campaign to Act in Solidarity With Aslı Erdoğan…

Aslı Erdoğan: I Haven’t been Given My Medication, Wasn’t Let Out To Fresh Air Bianet :: English  Arrested Özgür Gündem daily Publishing Consultant Board member, novelist and columnist Aslı Erdoğan has noted that she had not been given her medication in the prison and was being held in a solitary confinement cell. Her attorneys have objected … Read more

Multiple bombed PKK attacks in the last days while detained novelist Aslı Erdoğan, another victim of rising tension…

In the last couple of days, PKK attacked police headquarters in Kurdish populated towns. Diyarbakır, Van and today Bitlis and Elazığ. Pro-AKP columnists are quick to explain rising number of attacks with conspiracy theories- as usual: One line of ideas is that, now that coup attempt failed, another plot against Turkey by imperial forces by … Read more

Turkey is set to release up to 38,000 prisoners [for newcomers…] Updates on the Özgür Gündem raid…

Turkey is set to release up to 38,000 prisoners Turkey is set to release 38,000 prisoners as part of two new state of emergency decrees published in the Official Gazette on Aug. 17, in an apparent move to reduce its prison population to make space for thousands of people who have been arrested as part of … Read more

Somethings never change in Turkey: Legendary pro-Kurdish daily Özgür Gündem raided by police after temporarily closed by court…

Özgür Gündem daily in Wikipedia Better to watch this movie about the daily. https://twitter.com/nateschenkkan/status/765557690210869248 camera confiscated & news team detained on @imc_televizyonu live broadcast from shut down newspaper @ozgurgundemweb1 https://t.co/lS0Hmbshn4 — emel kurma (@emelkurma) August 16, 2016   Kapatma kararının ardından Özgür Gündem’e polis baskını: Gazeteciler gözaltındahttps://t.co/qjFWEHHPE7 pic.twitter.com/kfmvUvQORL — imc tv (@imc_televizyonu) August 16, 2016 … Read more

Serhatcan Yurdam (@syurdam): Cezaevinde bir ölüm daha… Tutuklu hasta Hasan Kaya öldü

Tutuklu hasta Hasan Kaya, Bingöl M Tipi Cezaevi?nde iki gün önce kalp krizi geçirerek öldü.

İnsan Hakları Derneği (İHD) İstanbul Şubesi Cezaevi Komisyonu’nun Twitter hesabında tutuklu hasta Hasan Kaya’nın öldüğü bildirildi. Özgür Gündem gazetesinin web sitesinde yer alan bilgiye göre, şeker hastası Hasan Kaya kalp krizi geçirerek öldü.

İHD Şube Başkanı Av. Adnan Kaya geçen hafta yaptığı bir açıklamaya göre, cezaevlerinde 154?ü ağır hasta olmak üzere 526 tutuklu bulunuyor.

İHD İstanbul Şubesi Cezaevi Komisyonu’nun hesabında yer alan tweetler şöyle:

Read more

EFD Rights Watch: Egg-throwing students face 5 years in jail; New media law to end newspaper bans…

Egg-throwing students face 5 years in jail in Turkey from Hurriyet Daily News A prosecutor has asked for up to five years of imprisonment for two students   Will the Halki Theological School be opened? from Today’s Zaman, your gateway to Turkish daily news :: Columnists by ORHAN KEMAL CENGİZ I divide Turkey?s minority policies … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: Medya Association protests the shut down of Özgür Gündem and a Human Rights in Turkey roundups

 My dear readers, i have been so busy with some academic and personal stuff that I could not produce my usual roundups. Now, I am working on it by offering the latest news: Shut down of Özgür Gündem and I will retrace the older news… To shut down a newspaper is a decision against freedom … Read more

by the way, welcome back Özgür Gündem! [and a journalism roundup]

Legendary pro-Kurdish daily is back. It has recently been launched. In fact, the paper is always on the stacks but with different names. now it has its own name back. official site here. I am proud to state that I have worked in that daily for 6 months once in my life… Ozgur Gundem Re-launched … Read more