Journalism agenda: John Oliver and newsonomics

John Oliver has given us the best defense of newspapers ever – Op-Ed Columns by Kathleen Parker News is a bizarre kind of food chain whose most important members are at the bottom. Newsonomics: After John Oliver, the you-get-what-you-pay-for imperative has never been clearer  Nieman Journalism Lab by Ken Doctor Can John Oliver’s 19 minutes rivet … Read more

Journalism agenda: “storytelling ‘is still everything’, despite new journalism tools…”People will read your long stories on their phones…

Why storytelling ‘is still everything’, despite new journalism tools Journalist and producer Scott Rensberger reinforces the power of the story as reporters begin to experiment with mobile journalism tools and techniques Planning for news, misidentification and verification as a process Hi everyone, So this week we held the second in our series of free training … Read more

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