Soner Çağaptay believes “Turkey’s Future Will Be Liberal… Dispatches from Turkey

If we survive, this might actually be true…. After Erdogan, Turkey’s Future Will Be Liberal  NYT > Turkey by By SONER CAGAPTAY Erdogan won on Sunday, but the era of Islamist dominance is ending. Today’s young Turks want real democracy. PM Erdoğan vows to hand over AKP leadership after consultations PM Erdoğan has vowed to hand over the … Read more

67 police officers, most handcuffed to be humiliated, detained in ‘parallel state’ probe in Turkey. Dispatches from Turkey…

67 police officers detained in ‘parallel state’ probe in Turkey A total of 67 people were detained as part of two investigations conducted by the anti-terror unit, one into ‘espionage’ allegations and the other into the ‘illegal wiretapping’ PM Erdoğan’s outbursts ‘hurt Turkey’s standing in the world,’ Washington says ‘We certainly believe comments like these undercut Turkey’s … Read more

Erdoğan: They (Israel) are 100 times worse than Hitler when comes to barbarity” #Gaza news roundup… “The Israeli Hacktivists’ Cyber War in Gaza…

Yes he did say that a few minutes ago… News in Turkish ilhan tanir @WashingtonPoint: “#Flash:PM Erdogan: “They curse Hitler morning, evening.You know what? They (Israel) are 100 times worse than Hitler when comes to barbarity” The Israeli Hacktivists’ Cyber War in Gaza  Mashable! by Uri Blau Late Thursday night, as Israeli tanks advanced into the Gaza strip, … Read more

Today’s enemy for AKP leadership: Haşim Kılıç

Turkey?s top judge delivers vitriolic speech in front of PM Erdoğan Hurriyet Daily News Constitutional Court Head Haşim Kılıç has delivered a vitriolic speech in the presence of Turkish President Abdullah Gül and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, harshly criticizing the government for rights violations Haşim Kılıç: “Devletin imkanları kullanılarak yapılan hizmetler vatandaşa lütuf gibi sunulamaz” … Read more

Turkish Parliament approves controversial intel bill… Current president Gül seems reluctant to swap roles with Erdoğan…

Turkish Parliament approves controversial intel bill Turkish Parliament approved a much-debated law increasing the powers and immunities of the National Intelligence Agency (MİT) amid criticism Turkish PM Erdoğan slams judiciary, promises ?cleaning?   Turkey?s prime minister has continued on the warpath against his erstwhile ally Fethullah Gülen Turkish President Abdullah Gul (L) and Prime Minister Tayyip … Read more

AKP officials’ beautiful statements (!) on women… News roundup from Turkey…

source More than 500,000 child brides married in Turkey in the last decade 504,957 girls between the ages of 16 and 17 got married according official data Women?s participation in politics ?still low? in Turkey Turkey needs to make imrovements for women?s political participation, reproductive health, education and labor force, according to the United Nations 10 maps that … Read more

gözlemler- bölüm 2- abdullah gül, cemaatin 2 günahı, barış süreci

* Son bir yıl içinde epey prim kaybeden siyasilerden biri de Abdullah Gül olsa gerek. Internet Kanunu ve HSYK düzenlemeleriyle safını ilan etmiş oldu. Tabi ki siyaset topyeküncü değil, tarzıyla belki Erdoğan?dan hep farklı bir konumlanma içinde olacak ama daha geniş bir açıdan bu iki yoldaş aynı siyasetin parçaları olmuş oldular. Hatta bazı bakımlardan Abdullah … Read more

Turkey’s Internet Bill on NYT editorial while the EU minister’s response shows the misery of Turkey’s EU dream…

POLITICS > US the last state to advise Turkey on Internet: EU minister Hurriyet Daily News ‘Everybody knows the restrictions on the Internet in the US, especially regarding WikiLeaks,’ Turkish EU Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said Feb 20. AA photo. The U.S. is the ?last state to advise Turkey? with respect to the Internet, Turkish EU … Read more

Pro-AKP dailies release Reports of widespread wiretapping While AKP MEPs passes bill granting excessive power to intel body….

Commission passes bill granting excessive power to intel body   Parliament?s Internal Affairs Commission has shrugged off strong criticism from the public and opposition parties to pass a bill that would give the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) expanded powers after lengthy discussions on Feb. 23 Reports of widespread wiretapping make waves in Ankara   Up … Read more

In just a few days, AKP declares “state of emergency” in Ankara; widens powers of intelligence agency and legislates openly Censorship law on Internet…

Ankara police granted permission for ?general searches?   Ankara court has granted the police permission to conduct general searches Turkish gov’t seeks to widen powers of national intelligence agency   The government is seeking broader powers for its intelligence agency, including more scope for eavesdropping and legal immunity for its top agent Leaning on judges: … Read more

Al Jazeera the Stream piece: “Twitter critics #UnfollowAbdullahGul

Turkish president reportedly loses 80,000 followers after signing controversial internet law….   [View the story “Twitter critics #UnfollowAbdullahGul” on Storify]

Turkish President Abdullah Gül lost 80 thousand Twitter followers in one day…

President Abdullah Gül lost 80 thousand followers since yesterday after approving censorship law.   News in Turkish here. Unfollow campaign news here. *************** 2013 Media: Arrests, Assaults, Interventions, Layoffs While 59 journalists and 23 publishers were arrested in 2013; 186 journalists, 1 media outlet and 2 internet sites were subjected to attacks. ECHR ordered to … Read more

Today today. Images…

A protesting high school kid stopped (!) by police today. Fog in the city. Bosphorus Bridge today. via Ozan Sakin ?@osakin  Presiden Abdullah Gül double-faced. In one tweet he support freedom of expression, in another he informs us that he approved the new Internet bill so that it could be implemented quickly. Turkish gov?t launches talks with opposition … Read more

President Gül admits decline of media freedom but also contributes by signing controversial internet law… EFD Rights Watch

Turkish President Gül admits decline of media freedom   Turkish media has the right to rise up against ‘wrongful practices,’ Abdullah Gül says   Turkey president signs controversial Internet law into force   Ankara (AFP) – Turkey’s president, Abdullah Gul, said Tuesday he had signed into force a controversial law voted in by the government … Read more

Saruman in Turkish politics…

Main opposition MP likens Turkish PM Erdoğan to Lord of the Rings wizard Saruman   The sometimes bizarre news agenda in Turkey may occasionally resemble a science-fiction tale, but a main opposition lawmaker has pushed the comparison further, likening Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to Lord of the Rings wizard Saruman, who has lost ?all … Read more