Saruman in Turkish politics…

Main opposition MP likens Turkish PM Erdoğan to Lord of the Rings wizard Saruman


The sometimes bizarre news agenda in Turkey may occasionally resemble a science-fiction tale, but a main opposition lawmaker has pushed the comparison further, likening Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to Lord of the Rings wizard Saruman, who has lost ?all sense of shame.


Opposition calls on Turkish President Gül to veto law on Internet


Turkey?s opposition parties have called on President Abdullah Gül to veto a controversial Internet law

Turkish police caught in middle of war between PM and ex-ally


Some officers welcome crackdown on cleric Fethullah Gülen‘s network but stress it should not serve to legitimise corruption

Türker Yilmaz* was not long into his police academy training when he realised how the system worked. The good jobs, the better pay, the promotion prospects all depended on your dedication to a shadowy Islamic network with its headquarters in Pennsylvania


Judicial package fails to get opposition?s support


A package including abolition of specially authorized courts in a move to enable retrial of hundreds of jailed military officials is criticized by opposition for ?hiding the government?s dirty laundry?


Safak Pavey: Turkey’s ‘immoral woman’ and the fight to wear trousers

Safak Pavey is the first disabled woman to be elected to Turkey’s parliament. But the opposition MP finds the country’s obsession with women’s bodies frustrating

Gaby Hinsliff introduces the Observer’s series on female politicians around the world

Safak Pavey is not a conventional parliamentarian. When she visits towns all over Turkey, she arrives in the battered family car. Instead of bodyguards and a driver, she is often accompanied by her mother, one of Turkey’s most famous and courageous investigative journalists, Ayse Önal.


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