President Gül admits decline of media freedom but also contributes by signing controversial internet law… EFD Rights Watch

Turkish President Gül admits decline of media freedom


Turkish media has the right to rise up against ‘wrongful practices,’ Abdullah Gül says


Turkey president signs controversial Internet law into force


Ankara (AFP) – Turkey’s president, Abdullah Gul, said Tuesday he had signed into force a controversial law voted in by the government that would tighten controls over web use

Turkey?s War on the Judiciary: Is Ankara Really Flouting International Concerns?


Bulletin PISM, no 16 (611), 6 February 2014 The Polish Institute of International Affairs Pinar Elman * The Turkish government has reacted to recent corruption probes by attacking the rule of law and the judiciary. This has confirmed international concerns about the state of democracy in Turkey and has drawn censure from the Euro-Atlantic community

Turkey?s Internet question


Last week the Turkish Parliament passed legislation that grants a government agency, the Telecommunications Directorate (TİB), the monopoly on Internet regulation.

Turkish PM denies Internet freedom restrictions, says he is ?protecting new generation?


A new bill on the Internet will save young generations from the potential harm of the Internet, PM Erdoğan has said

Complaint filed against woman who claimed attack by Gezi protesters


A complaint was filed against a woman who claimed to have been beaten by protesters for wearing a headscarf at the height of the Gezi protests

Footage emerges showing fatal collision killing first Gezi victim


Police had claimed that they were no cameras in the area before the latest hearing in the trial

European Court of Human Rights finds Turkey guilty in three cases


The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that Turkey breached ‘rights to a fair trial’ and ‘rights to negotiate collective agreements’ in three cases


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