Turkey’s Internet Bill on NYT editorial while the EU minister’s response shows the misery of Turkey’s EU dream…

POLITICS > US the last state to advise Turkey on Internet: EU minister

Hurriyet Daily News

‘Everybody knows the restrictions on the Internet in the US, especially regarding WikiLeaks,’ Turkish EU Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said Feb 20. AA photo. The U.S. is the ?last state to advise Turkey? with respect to the Internet, Turkish EU Minister

Turkey?s Internet bill has ?potential to severely restrict freedom of expression?: US


Washington has expressed strong concerns regarding the controversial Internet bill signed into law by Turkish President Abdullah Gül

Turks Protest New Internet Restrictions, in the Streets and Online


Turks took to the streets, and social networks, to protest new legislation that increases the government?s power to remove content from the web that might embarrass officials

Erdogan place internet sous surveillance


Le Soir (Belgique) jeudi 20 février 2014, p. Brabant Wallon11 Anne Andlauer, Istanbul de notre correspondante Le président turc est donc resté sourd à tous ceux qui le pressaient, en Turquie même mais aussi depuis l?étranger, d?utiliser son droit de veto. Mardi soir sur son compte Twitter, Abdullah Gül a annoncé avoir promulgué une lo


Turks Protest New Internet Restrictions, in the Streets and Online

New York Times (blog)

President Gul, in a meeting with members of the news media on Sunday, denied criticisms that he failed to address public concerns and said he has done his part to improve the legislation in sections that initially ?did not suit Turkey.? He h as engaged?

Senior US official in Turkey for talks on Cyprus, Syria


U.S. Deputy Secretary of State William Burns held a meeting with Turkish Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Feridun Sinirlioğlu in Istanbul


A third way for Cyprus?


Cyprus cannot be a nation-state under Greek Cypriot majority rule, or two nation-states in a loose co-federation under the surveillance of NATO forces. But could Cyprus be a new united Republic founded on the ideas of labour and a common Mediterranean civilization? If the EU said yes.


Energy: Key to EU-Turkish relations?


Al Jazeera.com (Qatar) 20 February 2014 David Koranyi & Nicolo Sartori * EU member states must realise that getting Turkey to adopt EU regulations is in their strategic interest too. The relationship between the EU and Turkey has been rather icy for the past few years. Accession talks between the European Union (EU) and Turkey had

Ottoman dream sours


The Daily Telegraph (UK) Thursday, February 20, 2014, p. B1 by Ambrose Evans?Pritchard Turkey was to have been Europe?s last great hope p. B2 Turkey highlights struggle facing emerging markets as politics go off the rails Turkey is the first big domino to fall in emerging markets, a cautionary tale for investment tourists who came


EU letters put pressure on Ankara for disputed laws


At wit?s end with the Turkish government?s machinations in the judiciary, the EU sends a new letter to Ankara to demand the rule of law be upheld in the wake of the graft probe, although PM Erdoğan remains bellicose

Turkey?s Energy Strategy and its Role in the EU?s Southern Gas Corridor


IAI Working Papers (Istituto Affari Internazionali) 14|01, 17 February 2014, 15 p. by Erkan Erdogdu * The Southern Gas Corridor (SGC) is a European Commission initiative aimed at facilitating the diversification of the routes and sources of gas imported into Europe. This paper is devoted to the analysis of Turkey?s role in this initiative. Following

Turkey’s Model Nation

Tunisia is one Arab country that has managed to avoid political gridlock. Turkey would do well to follow its example

How to Build a Perfect Refugee Camp

Kilis is one of the cleanest, most humane, most efficiently run refugee camps in history. And therein may lie the problem

?Euro-Turks?. A Commentary


GTE Commentary (Istituto Affari Internazionali) No.10, 13 February 2014, 2 p. by Anna Triandafyllidou * The term Euro-Turks has been coined to refer to the Turkish immigrants in Europe, mainly in Germany but not only, and their offspring. The term has been coined to distinguish Turks who live in continental Europe from those who live

Turkey denies cutting off cash aid to Somalia


Turkey underlines that it is working to offer a direct cash aid to Somalia in 2014, refuting earlier reports


Turkey spoils emerging market story as politics go haywire

No country so rudely exposes the illusions behind the $8 trillion stampede into emerging markets more than Turkey

Cyprus weathers a financial hurricane ? one year on


Hit by a bailout and severe capital controls last March, the president looks back at a tough year edging towards recovery

Makarios Avenue is a sorry sight. Once the archetypal image of Cyprus’s rejuvenation after its 1974 invasion by Turkey, the high-end boutiques of Nicosia’s main shopping street are today boarded up, its fashion shops plastered with “for rent” signs and its once thriving cafes closed and shuttered


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