Resistance humor goes unabated: Video: “Everyday I’m Çapuling! #OccupyTurkey

Chapuling – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Chapuling. Chapuling 2013 Taksim Gezi Park protests after Prime Minister Erdogan’s speech in the process derived from the new format….

#OccupyTurkey Gezi Park set for religious ceremony, Quran reading- Over 4,000 injured, two dead in Turkey’s nationwide protests

Gezi Park set for religious ceremony, Quran reading As the 9th day of Gezi Park demonstrations coincided with the Lailat al?Mi?raj, protestors decided to mark this religious event through several activities. Over 4,000 injured, two dead in Turkey’s nationwide protests: Association Over 4,100 people have been wounded and two people. Turkish group demand police chiefs? sacking Newly formed … Read more

Boing Boing, Mashable all support #OccupyTurkey, Wikipedia Entry, White House petition #DirenGeziParki

Turkish Spring: Taksim Gezi Park protests in Istanbul (Estimated 40,000 people cross the Bosphorous Bridge to join the protests/OccupyGeziPics) WhiteHouse petition here. Occupy Turkey pics here in bulk. Wikipedia entry here. Turkey protests rage for second day Police use water cannon and teargas to disperse demonstrators as protest erupt for second day in Istanbul and Ankara Violent protests … Read more

Citizens continue to resist here in Taksim and elsewheres in the 5th day. More images from a civic uprising #OccupyTurkey

Police hold Taksim under siege, continue raid on 5th day of protests The Turkish police?s crackdown against Taksim Gezi Park protesters continued on June 1, as clashes broke out in Istanbul‘s symbolic Istiklal Avenue and the Beşiktaş district. Raw: Police, Demonstrators Clash in Turkey Turkish police have let off tear gas and pressurized water against groups of … Read more

Turkey’s genuine Occupy movement. Happening right now in Gezi Parkı, Taksim, İstanbul #DirenGeziParkı

All photos from Erkan’s Facebook friends. Please check out the related posts for more info on the ongoing event… Gezi park protesters bring handmade gas masks to police tear-gas rampage Grab a plastic bottle and an air pollution mask and get ready for the next police raid. Taksim Gezi Park Protestors Speak Up on Police Raid Police … Read more

“Protester to undergo surgery after morning police intervention at Taksim park… #DirenGeziParkı

Protester to undergo surgery after morning police intervention at Taksim park A young university student is set to undergo surgery today   Turkish activists resisting to Istanbul Taksim Square park destroying / Turkey … National Turk English Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Istanbul deputy Sırrı Süreyya Önder helped halt an operation to remove trees in … Read more

Reading is good as the Police attacks Taksim park protesters #occupygezi

Police use tear gas early in morning, Taksim park protesters again halt demolition Istanbul police fire pepper gas to demonstrators protesting against the. Main opposition leader lends full support to protesters occupying Taksim Gezi Park Turkish main opposition leader made a surprise support visit late May 29 to the several hundreds of demonstrators protesting against the demolition … Read more

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