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Turkish Spring: Taksim Gezi Park protests in Istanbul

(Estimated 40,000 people cross the Bosphorous Bridge to join the protests/OccupyGeziPics)

WhiteHouse petition here.

Occupy Turkey pics here in bulk.

Wikipedia entry here.

Turkey protests rage for second day

Police use water cannon and teargas to disperse demonstrators as protest erupt for second day in Istanbul and Ankara

Violent protests have continued for a second day in Turkey, with police and protesters clashing in Istanbul and the capital Ankara.

Istanbul Police Unleash Tear Gas on Anti-Government Protestors

Istanbul-protestsPolice in Istanbul unleashed tear gas and water cannons Friday in an effort to disperse thousands of protestors demonstrating against the government. One onlooker captured the chaos from a vantage point above the fray and uploaded the footage to YouTube, seen above….

Deputy PM says it’s better to ‘convince’ protesters than use tear gas

Turkey’s Deputy PM Arınç criticized the use of a massive amount of tear gas by police.

Istanbul Erupts In Violence After Protests Against Razing Of Gezi Park
Daily Beast
In central Istanbul’s Taksim Square, clashes between police and protesters are commonplace. Activists from myriad political groups regularly flood the city’s main square to make their stand. The agitators are usually met by Turkey’s feared riot police .

Istanbul protests: Turkey braces for second day of unrest
BBC News
Turkey is braced for a second day of protests after clashes between police and demonstrators left dozens of people injured in Istanbul on Friday. Police have been drafted in from other provinces, parts of Istanbul are cordoned off and traffic is

Egyptian tourist critically injured in Istanbul protests -medics – Yahoo 
From Yahoo! News: ISTANBUL (Reuters) – An Egyptian tourist is in a critical condition after being hit by a police gas canister in a crackdown on anti- government

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