Here’s how Europe’s new tyrant’s police forces attacked an handicapped citizen this evening. #OccupyTurkey

Turkey’s investment grade cheers turn to tears By Carolyn Cohn LONDON, June 11 (Reuters) – The transformation of Turkey in less than a month from newly-minted investment grade darling to market struggler has again put the role of ratings agencies under scrutiny. Turkey won a coveted second investment grade rating from Moody’s in mid-May, a … Read more

Resistance humor goes unabated: Video: “Everyday I’m Çapuling! #OccupyTurkey

Chapuling – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Chapuling. Chapuling 2013 Taksim Gezi Park protests after Prime Minister Erdogan’s speech in the process derived from the new format….

#OccupyTurkey Gezi Park set for religious ceremony, Quran reading- Over 4,000 injured, two dead in Turkey’s nationwide protests

Gezi Park set for religious ceremony, Quran reading As the 9th day of Gezi Park demonstrations coincided with the Lailat al?Mi?raj, protestors decided to mark this religious event through several activities. Over 4,000 injured, two dead in Turkey’s nationwide protests: Association Over 4,100 people have been wounded and two people. Turkish group demand police chiefs? sacking Newly formed … Read more