Turkish justice today: An academic sentenced for insulting Erdoğan, Pınar Selek Acquits for the Fourth Time, Arrest warrant for Fethullah Gülen

 News in Turkish. An assistant professor Elifhan Köse is sentenced for 11 months for slogans against Erdoğan during Berkin Elvan memorial. … Pınar Selek Acquits for the Forth Time Bianet :: English Acquitted three times and ordered to stand trial for the forth time regarding the 1998 Grand Bazaar Blast Incident, sociologist Pınar Selek acquitted from … Read more

For the record, “International judges warn of ‘party politics’ at HSYK, Turkey’s Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors

International judges warn of ‘party politics’ at HSYK A top international judicial association has called on Turkey to ‘keep party politics out of the election process’ for the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors Government draws up plans against failure at judicial body elections Disappointed by the first two rounds of the elections at the HSYK, the … Read more

Today’s Turkish judiciary drama: Kenan Evren sentenced, Balyoz Trial for re-trial, Yusuf Yerkel saved…

  Former Turkish president Evren sentenced to life for staging 1980 coup Reuters UK Hundreds of other officers have been jailed after investigations known as “Ergenekon” and “Sledgehammer”. The army has also been excluded from state bodies that had exerted influence on politics, especially after the 1980 coup. Throughout the trial Top Turkish court rules that … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: “Turkish Court Upholds Convictions of Coup Plotters

Turkish Court Upholds Convictions of Coup Plotters Senior officers were among the leading defendants whose involvement underlined the power struggle between the government and the military. *********** Protesters opposing Turkish PM during ODTÜ event indicted on terror charges Ankara prosecutors has pressed charges against 11 people involved in the clashes following a protest at the … Read more

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